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Charlie Sheen Arrested on Domestic Violence Charges in Aspen

Charlie Sheen Arrest

Second verse, same as the first. When you’re the kind of person who considers violence as an option when it comes to settling domestic conflict, you are always going to be that kind of person.

Charlie Sheen was arrested early Christmas morning on domestic violence charges. His wife, Brooke Mueller — who gave birth to the couple’s twins sons in March — was not named in any of the documents, but she is assumed to be the victim. She did not need to be hospitalized. Authorities originally said Charlie was going to stay in jail until his first court appearance, but he later met with a county judge who let him off on $8500 bail. BULLSHIT.

His rep issued the weakest it’s-Christmas-don’t-fucking-bother-me denial I’ve ever heard: “Do not be mislead by appearance. Appearance and reality can be as different as night and day. It would benefit everyone not to jump to any conclusion.” And the rep’s name is Stan Rosenfield. Come on, dude! You’re Jewish! Can you take ten minutes to issue something that sounds like you actually believe your client didn’t beat up his wife?

This is not, of course, Sheen’s first domestic violence run-in. In December 1996, he was arrested and charged with attacking his girlfriend at the time, and in 1991 he “accidentally” shot Kelly Preston in the arm. Even crazy-pants Denise Richards accused him of being violent with her. God, this must be the happiest holiday ever for her. This is exactly what Denise Richards wanted for Christmas.

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  • I read on another site that they both had to take breathalizer tests, and she was drunk on her ass and charlie wasn’t, and that he pushed her because she attacked him..also that they are seperated. shes been living in a rented house in denver for 3 months, and Charlie went there to spend the holiday with her and the twins….

    • Because Jews are known for being obnoxious assholes who think they’re the smartest people on the planet. Beet just thinks he’s not living up to the Jewish creed.

      • Beet, you have inadvertently started something ugly here (see above). Please clarify your comment about the rep. Thx.

  • Denise is somewhere with a permanent grin on her face. Its the best xmas present she could have ever wished for.

    • you know that’s got to be true because the stupid bitch always has a permanent grin on her face, due to being dumber than a fucking cocker spaniel.

  • …but he’s funny on TV… When will we be able to separate the two.. he’s an asshole, an idiot, ignorant and just plain stupid… oh, and a bully that thinks it’s ok to hit a woman.

    Given the choice between Tiger and Charlie, which would you rather have to see on TV hawking ads?

  • I know this wasn’t on her list, but I don’t think Denise could be happier with this gift. How long before we hear a comment from her on this?

  • I don’t understand the public’s love affair with Charlie Sheen. He continues to do horrible, stupid shit (domestic violence, hookers, etc.) and people still seem to love him. Tiger Woods cheats on his wife and he’s the worst person to ever live. I don’t get it.

    • Because Charlie Sheen acts like a man and admits he likes hookers, drugs and alcohol. Tiger Woods is a pussy that acts like a 12 year old that just got caught jacking off in the bathroom. Other than them both being involved in domestic violence, the only other similarity is that they both have dicks.

  • Stupid stupid stupid Charlie. Yes, she was almost twice the legal limit and he wasn’t drunk. And, drunk people are often aggressive. And, in CO you have the right to defend yourself–you don’t have to retreat. But, in the interest of your children, why wouldn’t you just walk away and let the drunk cool down? Why do people with so much to lose, just either throw it all away or just let it slip away? He wasn’t drunk–he should have used some common sense and just walked away. Some people are just too stupid for their own good.

  • Let’s be honest. Charlies Sheen gets away with this shit because be brings in money $$ for CBS and the film industry. If he wasn’t bankable, people would turn on him like they did on Denise Richards. Denise will always be looked at as a crazy bitch because she fought back. (Go Denise…don’t take the ass fuckin laying down.) Also, Sheen has the family name. Don’t think for a minute that ole Papa Sheen isn’t out their cleaning up his boys messes. Charlie is a stones throw away from being on Dr. Drew Rehab–until he can’t bring in the dollars.

    Hollywood is full of hypocrites…they love the abusers, pedophiles, murderers, druggies, etc as long as the shit is swept under the rug and money keeps coming in. I can’t wait for the day that that piece of shit State—run by a corrupt Guvanator and his Skelator wife (I duz whats I wants cuz I’sa Kennedy) — rocks off the nation and falls into the Pacific. It truly is a hell on earth — the modern day Sodom and Gomorrah. UGHHH!!!

  • Read all the facts… His wife was drunk when she called..police gave her blood alcohol test .13, his .04

  • In my opinion, anyone who marries Charlie Sheen after all that is known about him and his relationships has to be a total drama queen. There’s no way you’d tie the knot with him if you wanted a quiet, scandal-free existence. So basically, I’m impatient with the both of them: him, for being the common denominator in a number of abusive relationships, and her, for knowingly getting herself into a dysfunctional situation.

  • Charlie Sheen’s mind was blown out on drugs years ago and now he’s mental and unable to control himself. He needs anti-psychotic medication.