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Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins Broke Up a Really Long Time Ago, Apparently


Talk about media pros!

After 23 years together, Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins — the original Ashton and Demi — broke up this summer. Their rep issued the following statement today:

“Actress Susan Sarandon and her partner of 23 years, actor Tim Robbins have announced that they separated over the summer. No further comments will be made.”

I wonder if they discussed this during their summer break-up. Like, “This sucks, but let’s wait until it’s basically Christmas Eve to announce it so it’s not a media firestorm.” That’s how you do it when you’ve been around the block a few times, I guess.

The couple have two sons together, Jack, 20, and Miles, 17.

I’m genuinely sorry to hear of their split, but, to be fair, they made it way longer than most married couples. That was an impressive run, you two! You should be proud of yourselves. The pic above is of the twosome at the 1989 Golden Globes.

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  • Even tho I severely detest their politics from head to toe, and detestable they most certainly are, he did a great job in the Shawshank Redemption and she in Rocky Horry, if for nothing then a good look at those great knockers. And Thelma and Louise was surprisingly good. Aside from that, they are cordially invited to walk 101 feet of a 100 foot pier.

  • This will go down as just another classic Hollywood story about a man who dates a woman 12 years older than himself for 23 years and then, when faced with commitment, leaves her for a woman who’s less than 12 years older than himself.
    Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins probably considered staying together for the kids (in Darfur), but ultimately realized that this wasn’t in the best interests of world peace.

  • OH SHIT!!! If these 2 can’t make it in unholy unwed unmatrimony who can… who is next Kurt & Goldie? Oprah and Steadman? Angelina and Brad? Who can survive the onslaught of miserable domestic life in Hollywood? OH THE WORLD IS COMING TO AN END!!! 2012.

  • Actually Beet, I think it’s because Susan went on Letterman yesterday and the two were flirting like crazy- practically having sex with thier words, gestures and looks. The announcement was probably to stop people from wondering why Susan acted like that.

    I googled Tim for the first time and damn that man is hot for an old guy. Good for Susan for doing him all these years.

  • I loved these 2 together! Why couldn’t it be Tom and Katie who broke up instead!!!
    Why do people always assume the man wants a younger woman…that is stupid!! There are lots of younger men that prefer older woman and think they are SEXY!
    Look at Ashton and Demi and many more! And BTW it could always be the woman that wants a younger or different man too…but I doubt in their case, this is it…They are even staying friends….
    They may have been having personal problems that are none of our business. I hope they get back together!

  • I loved them together. I dated a younger man myself, 10 years younger until he dumped me for a young girl the evening we had the most amazing sex in the morning.

  • I dated a younger man myself, 10 years younger. He pursued me for 6 months and i gave in eventually . He went on to break my heart like no other before him. The day he broke up with me he felt it was appropriate for him to bring along his new young girlfriend. It felt like being hit by a bus. Its been 5 years. I’ve moved on but it still hurts everytime i think of him. I thought he was the one. He made me feel like i was his one. He lied. Girls be warned!

    • Oh Gawd I wish I could kill him for you. What a horrible, evil person. I’m so sorry he treated you like that.
      I hope he mysteriously had his tires slashed after that? ;)

  • I dated a younger man, 10 years my junior. He persued me. After a few months of flirty friends I gave in. Wonderful experience. But in the end he was a liar. He had no intentions of taking it beyond sex and friendship. And the funny thing is….he wanted to stay together, but just didn’t want to take it to the next level. He wanted things to stay just as they were after 2 1/2 years. It wasn’t my plan. So I guess I broke it off. Dating a younger man serves one purpose….to revisit a younger time. I’m sorry Lulu that you were hurt so much. I know the pain. But remember, people come in to our lives to teach us and help us grow. Sometimes it sucks, but if you process in a healthy way you will know the reason he came into your life was to lead you to a better place. Sometimes that even means a better place than he was in. Somewhere out there he’s with another woman who will get the same. Be happy you are free of him. You deserve the best.

  • Long term break-ups are always sad.

    …Although my sadness is diminished a bit when I look at the fur coat. Having a break-up with your skin probably isn’t the most fun, either.

  • Um… He’s never been innocent. This whole thing with her and this 31-year-old guy… whatever. Great way to redirect from his behavior.

  • As far as the fur coat could have been past down or probably was still acceptable in the Hollywood scene. People change with time. My former husband was ill and let me go to meet someone to grow old together. My former husband didn’t want me to see him at the end. He wanted me to remember him like he was. You just never know. My point being, people grow in different ways and one way is apart. Then some people who have been together for decades should have parted ways a long time ago. All that bickering. My best advise, ask yourself this, “Would you want to be married to you?” If not, you need to change. TTFN!

  • I wasn’t aware Sarandon wore fur until now.

    Dead to me. I’ll never watch one of her movies again. Most of them suck anyway, Meryl left Susan in her dust decades ago.