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Tiger Woods is a Cocky Bastard

Tiger Woods

You’d think that getting caught with over a dozen mistresses would be a sure sign that your ass is about to get dumped, but I guess if your ego is as inflated as Tiger Woods’ you might not come to that conclusion. While there are rumors circulating that Tiger’s wife Elin Nordegren is planning on going through with a divorce, sources close to Tiger say that he’s still hopeful that they can salvage their relationship and is doing everything in his power to keep her in his life.

I’m not a relationship expert, but I would think that not sleeping around behind your wife’s back would be the best way to keep her around. Probably even better than buckets of hush money, but maybe I’m just a romantic. At this point I think that the couple is so beyond any chance of forgiveness that Tiger should really just concentrate on making sure that his wife is financially and emotionally as comfortable as possible and then eff off. Let her be, Tiger. You’ve done enough.

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  • Like Elin will ever believe a word that comes out of his mouth again. And if Rachel Uchitel has any ideas that she’ll be the next Mrs. Woods, she’s got another think coming.

    If Elin was the woman he married to improve his image, then Rachel is a liability to the image-lift he needs. And he’s still greatest golfer in the world so he’ll have his choice of women to repair his image, when and if he feels like “settling down” again.

  • Tiger doesn’t want to stay married to Elin, he just has to say that to try to still make us think there’s a shred of a ‘nice guy’ left in him. He’d just as soon use Elin and the kids as shark bait on his yacht and be done with them so he can keep sticking his dick in every woman on the planet that takes his food or drink order. He’s an arrogant scumbag and a sad testament to what power does to men. I hope she shoves a golf tee in his jugular vein and watches him beg for mercy!

  • I recall the Kobe Bryant story. He gets charged with raping a young woman in a hotel, but states the sex was consentual. So either way, it didn’t look good. He stood his ground. Had a great PR agent. Even played the next game following the allegations. Did the court thing. And went on with things. His wife stuck around for some reason. Today, he has recovered his image, career and marriage. I think Tiger will get through this. And people get over it too. Even that football player who killed dogs and engaged in dog fighting got resigned to play professional football. It sure is a strange world.

    • Difference…Kobe cheated once (that we know of) with some girl we saw very little of. Tiger was carousing around with 10+ broke-down looking hoebags. I’m a lot more unsympathetic to a man who repeatedly disrespected his family with nasty looking famewhores.

  • have a bad feeling his wife is going to stick around and all the rumours of her going to a divorce lawyer to initiate proceedings are just that. She maybe renegotiating the prenup, but she may actually stay…bah…

  • I’m just wondering… and maybe this has already been discussed.. .but how long has it been since he was with one of his mistresses. Was the most recent time 8mos ago or the night in November when he had his “car accident”? How can still think he can save his relationship with his wife??