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Take One Last Look At This Because It’s Really Almost Over

photo from Willow Street Pictures

photo from Willow Street Pictures

The couple that I didn’t even know about until it was announced that they were getting a divorce might finally be close to sealing that deal. In fact, sources from the inside are talking and they’re saying that it’s a mere matter of moments (well, probably days) until the papers are signed and the divorce is finalized.

Jon and Kate Gosselin were married for a decade (I’m telling you, people! Worst decade ever!) and the last handful of years were spent on television with their family, writing books, getting kind of famous, being chased down by paparazzi, and eventually, starting new relationships. This public display of rotten humanity has been fascinating (and simultaneously horrifying) for people who don’t even know who they are to watch. Why? I think because this is the ultimate example of what the popular American trend of “trying to get famous” can do to normal people.

Things have gotten so out of control for fame-hungry Jon that on December 10th, a judge had to check him and tell him to stop violating his contract with TLC by making media appearances. Kate may not be much better herself, but Jon with his younger girlfriends and CZ earrings and tipping off the paparazzi… I mean, do they offer therapy for people who go through stuff like this? How are these people who got famous as a couple deal as individuals when news stops popping up about them and there’s no reason to write about them anymore?

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