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Tom and Gisele Haven’t Been in the Same Room Long Enough to Name Their Week-Old Baby

Tom Brady

Last week I told you guys that Gisele Bundchen gave birth to the baby that she and Tom Brady were expecting, but there weren’t many details to report. A week later, it’s pretty much the same deal. Tom’s been so busy that the couple hasn’t even taken the time to name the baby. There is a very handsome, nameless baby boy out there somewhere, you guys.

According to Tom, the couple had a name picked out for their son, but after the birth Gisele decided she wasn’t crazy about what they’d chosen. Right now they’re batting around names, probably via text message because of Tom’s packed schedule. “She makes all these decisions,” Tom said in an interview with WEEI Sports Radio, “I haven’t been home all week. We have about seven or eight choices. I have got to be home for more than just two-three hours so we can talk about it.”

Yeah, Tom. Just whenever you want to get around to it. Your partner is a first-time mother and she’s hanging out with the baby and probably some nanny in a Back Bay brownstone or something while you’re lifting weights and throwing balls around on a bunch of grass. Whenever you manage to carve a little time out to name your child, that would be great. Don’t stress. Either she’ll handle it or you’ll figure it out when it works for you. It’s not a big deal or anything.

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  • Okay, they’ve had more than 6 months to decide on some names, and he’s stating that they still cannot decide because he’s working! I hope he makes time to assist in raising them!

    • Give me a an f-ing break. the guy’s working on a multi-million $$$ contract. his kid & wife will always be there, they are gonna have a LONG off season together where i’m sure they will spend plenty of time together. IMO his job and fulfilling his contract (when it’s that big) come first.

      the guy has a level of intelligence and athletic ability select few people in the world have. for it, he gets paid handsomely.

      • I don’t see how playing football makes him intelligent. Furthermore, most of his behaviour off the field makes me think he’s a raging idiot. That’s a nice attitude you’ve got there though… “his wife and kid will always be there… this is FOOTBALL”. I’m really not trying to be an ass, I see what you’re saying on some level but honestly… that kind of thinking will pretty much ensure that one’s wife and kid will NOT always be there. :)

  • Last paragraph is sooo funny, molls. What a great father. He’s not home long enough to name his son let alone RAISE him.

  • In all fairness to Tom, the Patriots are in the midst of a big playoff push, yesterday ended a 2-game losing skid, and the Pats were on the road for the two weekends prior to this past weekend (including a game against the undefeated Saints).
    Molls, I thought you as the native New Englander would be sympathetic to the Pats cause. Worse case scenario, the baby will — presumably — still be around in the offseason, when Tom and Giselle can give the baby a proper name — you know, something like Bill Belichick Brady.
    Also, Tom and Giselle had an agreed upon baby name. Giselle decided at the last moment that that name wouldn’t work for the newborn. Besides, Tom Brady also pointed out that Giselle has full naming rights.

      • Who is choosing between his child and football? You’ve introduced a specious argument. As long as mother and child are healthy and happy and dad is committed to being a father, why must dad “choose” between family life and his career for some period of time that might make you or the rest of the peanut gallery happy?
        The reality is that a few people on this post have read way too much into Molls’ playfully snarky post and launched themselves into an “issue” that does not exist.

    • Damn. This just reminded me of how much I cannot stand Patriots fans. Lets hope baby Brady doesn’t turn out to be a douchebag like his father.

  • ok… IT’S HIS JOB… you know, his SOURCE OF INCOME!? how can you judge him for being away from home for doing HIS JOB?? they have had 9 months to plan for this. they knew the day she was pregnant that the baby was going to be born RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF FOOTBALL SEASON. i’m sorry if everyone else forgot what he does for a living, but he needs to do his job and make money. when giz wises up and dumps him he is going to need enough money to support his 2 baby mamas.

    • Yes, because they’re clearly hurting for money.
      Many men, most of them not already completely wealthy, take time off of work for the birth of their children. At least a friggin’ week.

      • You do realize that there are only 16 days in the entire year that really count for a team in the NFL regular season?
        Unlike most people, no matter how wealthy they are, Tom Brady, does not have the type of job one can arbitrarily take “a friggin’ week” off from and expect any semblance of “business as usual” in his absence.
        Tom Brady is the leader of his football team. Barring complications in the birth of his child, taking a “paternity break’ is an outlandish thought.

      • I hope whatever state you live in didn’t issue you a drivers license, cause you’re obviously impaired. I think you’ve finally outdone your ignorant replies with the two shown above. Congratulations!

      • Oh, snap Anonymous, you anonymously flamed me by doing little more than the blog comment equivalent of calling someone a moron, without adding any anything of value to the conversation.
        I feel so humbled.

      • None of what you said changes the fact that he’s obviously more concerned with football than his brand new baby. And I didn’t suggest he should actually take a week off, I said most father’s are able to do that.
        The implication wasn’t clear, but it was that he should be able to see his brand new baby instead of ignoring him completely in favor of his career.
        Someday he will be retired from football. He will never be retired from fatherhood.
        Like I said, silly me, I forgot that there’s nothing more important than football.

      • He’s not “choosing” football over his baby. He signed a contract stating that he MUST perform in games in practices, no matter what. I’m NO Brady fan, in fact I literally despise the man, but the fact is that this IS his job and he can’t just take a few days off like normal 8-5ers. Football contracts are basically written in blood and you can’t just blow it off.

  • The pat’s suck. Why doesn’t Tom Brady go away and be a dad for once instead of trying to win his like billionth Super Bowl? Same with the Giants and Colts….gah! GO AWAY!

  • Damn! You guys are harsh. He said that they had a name, but changed their minds. They probably didn’t think the name fit when they met him and they want to get to know his personality before they commit to something so permanent.

  • He hasn’t been home for more than 2-3hrs he said. Hasn’t been able to sit and talk to her for that length of time since the birth. That seems a little ridiculous to me. More than 2-3hrs should be doable… that’s not necessarily a week, just maybe a little face time with your brand new baby and his mother. Tom Brady is a fucking tool.

  • Meh, he is a tool. ANd she looks like a horse. That baby aint gonna be cute. Patriots suck – billicheck is a cheater – Randy Moss is done – Brady is waning and he is certainly no leader. Look what they did to Adalius this week. Everything about that organization is a joke. Brady looks retarded with his huge forehead.

  • I hate the Patriots, and I hate Tom Brady (he is a little whining cry baby), but alll of you people who are criticizing the fact that he is working does not understand football. It is important to win in December… He has to be there. Bill Belichek would not let him take paternity leave. He kicked Randy Moss out of the practice facility because he was late from being stuck in traffic during a snow storm. Hopefully, the Patriots will be done the second week of January and then Tom will have plenty of time to be a dad.

  • I think a lot of people are missing the point here. It’s not about “oh Tom Brady you should take 4 weeks of paternity leave”. Molls isn’t dumb. It’s more like, have a few hours of a phone conversation or something and name your damn child already. Regardless of what yall say, it’s WEIRD when a kid doesn’t have a name. I literally sat here for a hot second and was like .. how do you refer to your child, who has no name?

  • I feel sorry for Gis because she’s been without him right after the birth so they are sharing nothing of the experience of having the baby home, and this is the second time that Tom has missed the experience, but they had to know this was going to happen when they found out the due date. They seem drama free so in a couple of weeks this will all be over and they can spend loads of time with a sobbing newborn.