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Sarah Jessica Parker was very un-Carrie yesterday as she made her way around the West Village running errands with her son. While she doesn’t exactly look like your typical soccer mom here, the color combo up top mixed with the cream colored Ugg boots (is this her first day wearing them? How are they not destroyed from the sidewalks by now?), let’s us know that Sarah Jessica isn’t always as stylish as you’d imagine. If she’d been wearing one of those long down coats, I would have understood this look as her just trying to survive the cold weather. The vest? The vest is a lie of an article of clothing. Nothing’s really getting kept warm with a vest.

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  • Oh meow people…give her a break. She’s a fine actress, and she herself has said that she had never ever thought of herself as sexy or good-looking, and it was only after Steve Martin cast her a blonde ‘bimbo’ in LA Story, that the ‘collective consciousness’ began looking at her differently.

    Why not try applauding the fact that she’s had no plastic surgery?

    sheesh. Tough crowd.

    • That’s what people do. Mock relentlessly anyone who is not classicly beautiful or paper thin and mock relentlessly anyone who has surgery to achieve either state. And mock anyone who is too beautiful for something else. And mock anyone who is too thin. Or perfectly thin but might have an eating disorder. Or doesn’t have an eating disorder but is known for being very rigid in their diet/exercise regime. You can’t win really.

      • I don’t think anyone (except CrabtownUSA) was implying that she is an unattractive woman. I think she’s just lovely. Do I think her face is long and slightly horse-ish? Yes. And I think that’s funny. I also think that I have a gigantoid nose. Do I think that’s funny? Yes. Do I make fun of myself for it? Yes. It’s called ridicule and slight jealousy. It doesn’t mean that we have to be nice. I can slam her for her horseface and in the same breath state how impressed I am with her that she and her husband raise their children well and keep them out of the spotlight. Don’t act as if you’ve never made fun of someone’s appearance. Everyone does it. Some are more hateful than others granted, but this is a celebrity gossip site. The writers and commentors are going to have a laugh. Stop being a hypocrite by pretending that you’ve never made a mean comment before in your life. It’s the EB motto: “It’s not personal. It’s just gossip.”

    • NO PLASTIC SURGERY??????!!!!!!! By big fat ass, she has sooooo been nipped and tucked, and she looks so much worse than my big fat giggly ASS! The cute Carrie Bradshaw days are OOOOVER! The previews of her new movie with Hugh Grant which sounds terrible, show her looking worse than ever. She oughta inject some fat from my ass in her hallowed face.

    • I completely agree with you. Why just about everyone chooses to talk so much shit on her, I’ll never know. I also don’t see how anyone can say she’s had plastic surgery… she’s aged quite a bit from her SATC days and actually looks normal. Give the woman a break guys.

  • I congratulate her courage for NOT getting plastic surgery, staying married, and clearly being a supportive mother. Good for her!!!!

  • I still don’t get it with the Ugg boots. I feel they get smashed up so quickly because they are not really designed for urban winter but for Australians who want to warm up after surfing or something. I thought they were cute too in 2002 or whenever, but I think it’s time to get rid of the old salt stained, flopped over at the heel. matted Uggs. But SJP has gotten new ones? Are we not finished? What about a real classic that’s more durable, like Frye boots.

  • Well it’s kinda refreshing to see celebrities dressed NORMAL when doing normal things. It could be worse, she could be like MOORIAH Carey and wear 4 inch f-me heels and hooker wear to take her kids to school. May I ask what the root of this hatefest against SJP is? She’s seems ok to me.

  • vests DO keep you warm.
    By warming the torso,you keep the rest of the body warmer. Fact.
    They are not just fashion statements.
    Of course,they are not for uber cold weather,either…but in-between cold,such as you might have in NYC on a given winter day. Layers,layers,layers. Just sayin’.
    They were invented for a reason-all of these vests…
    And SJP looks great-she’s unique,cool and just tryin’ to get along and do her thing. I don’t get the attitude towards her on most blogs,either.
    But i’ve never been a SATC fan,have never really seen the show,even. i like her from her films.

    • Did you miss the day of elementary English class when it was taught that a SPACE always goes after a COMMA??!!! My #1 univeral pet peeve after idiot drivers and people who are cruel to animals. %&#@@#%& This is the COMMA gossip website after all.

  • I like it when we can see celebrities dressed comfortably like normal people.
    I can’t believe molls is making fun of normal.
    everyone needs days in comfy shoes and casual attire.