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Taylor’s Straight Look Was Just a Wig

Taylor Swift, Straight Hair or Curly

Taylor Swift showed up at Z100’s Jingle Ball last night in Madison Square Garden, rockin her usual curly do’. As many of you correctly surmised, the straight look she was spotted in recently was just a wig.

Like many of you, I much prefer the ringlets. But I wouldn’t mind seeing Taylor go straight every now and then. Those limp locks were kind of hot.

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  • I can’t believe how thin her legs look! I mean I know shes naturally thin, but they’re tiny. Love her curly hair though. I want to get a wig like that – saves me growing my hair, haha.

  • I think she looks HOT with the straight look. She looks too “childish” with the curls. The other look makes her look more “grown up” and a sex icon. I didn’t know it was a wig- too bad.

  • She looks awful with straight hair/that wig! If she was trying to look like a hot man who enjoys wigs and cross dressing, then she succeeded and looks great. However, I think she was trying for the sweet sexy girl look, and in that case she failed miserably.

  • i love the curls, i think they make her look classy and glamorous and they make her stand out. with the stick-straight hair she looks just like any other starlet – which she’s not, she’s one of the most talented young stars out there! although if she straightened her own hair it might look better.

  • ugh, she lookied too similar to Avril Lavigne- nothing against her, I just think she looks better curly, more uniquely Taylor. =)

  • She needs the curls for her magical innocent fairy princess thing. With the ashen straight dull hair, she looked glum, droopy, and slightly used. I thought she was trying to tell us something….

  • I do like her gorgeous curls, and i looove that she’s a natural beauty. but maybe she could rock her natural beauty in a slightly new, different way? this look has just become so uniform, i’d love to see something new on her.

  • I dont get it, what was the point of that awful dead looking wig then? I’m assuming she has a stylist who can straighten her ACTUAL hair…It’s not that hard is it?

  • i have seen her twice around nashville the past two days. the first time with taylor lautner, she was her normal self. the second time, with local friends at starbucks, she was rocking this wig, and no one recognized her. she’s doing the hannah montana thing!!! and it actually works! astounding.

  • So what if she is wearing a wig? Many people do that today and more often, celebrities do that… Just think about Lady Gaga:)))