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Rachel Uchitel is Already Riding a New Guy


Rachel Uchitel, one of Tiger Woods’ many alleged mistresses, has had a pretty low-key day so far. She woke up, ran some errands, walked her dogs Rudy Giuliani and Ozzy Osbourne, and then got a piggy back ride from a handsome male companion in front of a bunch of paparazzi. Similar to my morning. I don’t know about you guys, but I think that guy’s probably Rachel’s gay BFF and she’s saving face in light of being publicly humiliated and just trying to enjoy her minimal fame and massive “shut the hell up” check from Tiger. Again, similar to my morning.

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  • Fake boobs, fake lips, fake tan… I suppose her heart is bought, or can be sold to the highest bidder. Overall, a high-end prostitute.

  • She’s not saving face. She’s saving the millions of dollars that Tiger just paid her and smiling all the way to the goddamn bank.

    • Exactly! I’d be smiling like that if I just got a million dollars too (without the ridiculously fake, blown up lips though). I hope Tiger’s wife didn’t contract any diseases. This chick looks like VD with legs. The guy in this pic probably started itching his back shortly after she got off.

      Women have to stick together and not freaking sleep around with married men. You wouldn’t want your man sleeping around, so why would you do it to another woman’s man? Think about the children bitches!

  • She has one messed up looking face, gives Nicole Kidman a run for her money. That can’t possibly look better than a few wrinkles would have.

  • Don’t get the facination with her, and obviously she is facinated with the paparazzi. She’s smiling like she did something great and what she’s really done is brought shame to her family, and destroyed her own reputation as well. She’ll never eat lunch in this town!