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Tiger’s Mistress Thought She Was The Only One… Beside Tiger’s Wife

Rachel Uchitel

Rachel Uchitel, one of the many women who has come out of the woodwork to say that she’s slept with Tiger Woods, is pissed. No, not because she’s most famous for sleeping with a married man, but because she had to find out that she wasn’t the only woman that Tiger was sexing it with. A friend of Rachel’s was quoted as saying, “Rachel was mad at Tiger when she found out about the other girls and did not speak to him for three days, but he texted her…She is telling friends that he doesn’t blame her for this all getting out.” Isn’t that rule one? Once a cheater, always a cheater? If it’s not rule one, than it’s at least somewhere on a top ten list of rules, right?

And the kicker? Rachel wasn’t exclusive with Tiger, either. She knew the whole time that they were not going to wind up as anything serious due to the fact that um, well, he was already married, and never stopped seeing other guys. Still, the source adds that Rachel grew fond of Tiger and felt they had something special. “Rachel has strong feelings for Tiger. She was very into him – much more than other famous guys she was into. She started out for sport and then they clicked.”

Ugh. These people are messes.

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