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Taylor & Taylor 4-EVA!!!

Taylor Lautner, Taylor Swift

K. I have to admit that, in the weeks since I saw New Moon, my friends and I make fun of Taylor Lautner’s portrayal of Werewolf Jacob with some regularity. Like, when the pizza place was out of Ranch dressing, I flexed my biceps and growled a little and said meekly, “I’m so angry,” and then my friend flexed his biceps and in his most submissive voice he was all like, “I don’t want to hurt you, sales clerk.” And then we laughed for like 20 minutes. This happens often in my world right now.

That said, I still think Taylor Lautner is tres adorable (because it’s French you have to say ahh-dohhhh-raah-blech”) but I’ve already learned my lesson about publicly fantasizing about an underage man because the last time I unwittingly did so you guys were all like “HE’S ONLY 17 YOU FUCKING PERV!” And I was all like “Whoops!”

(Hey, so, if I have sex with him, do I get to spend the winter in Gstaad? Because, you know, talk about a win/win.)

The point is that I am not lusting over Taylor Lautner anymore, because he is now off-limits as he is dating my little sister. Yup, Taylors Lautner and Swift continue to be an item, with TL visiting TS in her dressing room last night at KIIS FM’s Jingle Ball 2009 concert in downtown Los Angeles.

The New Moon star used a private entrance to enter Nokia Theatre L.A. at about 8:45 pm, the source tells us. He came alone, the source says, and made a beeline for Swift’s dressing room.

Once inside, the two definitely seemed like a couple. Lautner spent most of his time with the country pop singer, but was also spotted chatting with her mom and other members of her entourage. “Taylor’s mom was constantly smiling around him,” our source said.

Seems like they really wanted to keep things on the downlow because Lautner didn’t pop into the audience for Swift’s performance. Instead, he watched her wow the crowd from the side of the stage.

I’m happy for these two crazy kids!!!

Lautner’s hosting SNL next weekend — Taylor’s an old pro at that already — but seriously if Saturday Night Live is not the funniest thing on TV next weekend, they have no excuses. None. Hell, I could write a funny script for SNL with Taylor Lautner as the host. The jokes write themselves. I bet Swift will randomly show up in NYC next weekend, too …

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    • Taylor Swift is 5’11”. IDK how tall Taylor Lautner is – maybe like 5’10”? So Swift is dating a shorter AND younger boy. Ya, I said BOY because HE ISN’T EVEN LEGAL YET. I’m the same age as her and there is no way in hell I’d date a kid who in “the real world” would be a high school senior. EW.

  • Can’t wait to hear her stupid little break up song about this relationship. La la la boohoo Werewolf boy did this to me boohoo.

  • so i know this is a pretty old post, but question:
    do they just have really small parts in that movie ‘valentine’s day?’
    because i just saw a trailer and they’re not listed in the main credits even though SEVENTEEN other people are. granted, those people are mostly a-listers or even legends, but it still struck me as odd given that taylor and taylor are the main people i’ve heard about in connection with that movie.
    haha, maybe i should occasionally consider media outside this website.