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Are Sienna Miller and Jude Law Back On?

Sienna Miller at Jude Law's House?

Sienna Miller fueled rumors that she and Jude Law are back together by leaving his New York apartment with an overnight bag and an umbrella covering his face. Perhaps time has healed old wounds or Sienna was willing to forgive Jude’s infidelity because of her own relationship choices the past couple years. Either way, I sure do hope those two whores are back together! That would be delicious!

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  • Haha. I can’t belive no one commented on this yet. It was posted like, 11 hours ago.
    Anyway, on to the topic of the post. I liked them together and I loved Jude Law because he is a sexy beast, but then the whole nanny thing happened and I was like, noooo. Not my Jude. But I have forgiven him and I’m am going to see Sherlock Holmes because he is just too sexy. Haha. I know I sound like a total weirdo..but whatever.
    My friend and I are going to have a Jude Law/Paul Rudd/James Franco/Seth Rogen marathon this week after we finish all our finals. Can’t wait. :)

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