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Billy Joel’s Daughter Rushed to Hospital After Pill Overdose

Billy Joel, Alexa Ray Joel and Christie Brinkley at  2008 Rainforest Foundation Fund Benefit Concert, Pictures, Photos

Alexa Ray Joel, daughter of supermodel Christie Brinkley and singer Billy Joel was rushed to St. Vincent’s Medial Center in Manhattan this afternoon after a friend called emergency services. The 23 year old told FDNY medics that she was having trouble breathing after taking 8 pills of an unknown substance.

“..though officials didn’t know what kind she had ingested, an official said; it wasn’t clear whether she had accidentally overdosed or attempted suicide.”

Joel is currently in stable condition.

Alexa is a singer-songwriter in her own right and debuted a new single on the Wendy Williams Show in October.

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  • Thats too bad. Why does she have to look like her dad so much? Her mother is beautiful, and shes pretty too…but Billy Joel is not, and she looks so much like him.

    • You are such a fucking rude bitch. Remind me not to put you on my list of people to call when I need a friend. Although I’m not religious, I’m gonna ask God to make sure your trip to hell is on the Express Train.

      • Yeah, minor compliments while stabbing someone in the back at the same time. Which of your two faces do you present most of the time? Spare me.

  • OH NO!! I hope she’s ok!!! And I hope it was just an overdose, you know, an experimentation with drugs not an attempt.

  • Hey PK,

    Think she’d be fine if she looked more like mom? Sorry, princess. It doesn’t work that way.

    • You know, people like you are beyond cruel. There is nothing wrong with the way Alexa looks, she is quite pretty in her own right. I’m sure she’s better looking than an asshole like you. How can you even say such a terrible thing when the poor girl just tried to off herself? What if she reads what you wrote?

  • It is possible that she didn’t take all the pills at once. Sometimes people can overdose on basic OTC medicines thinking they aren’t harmful (even Tylenol, for instance). If you have really bad pain and you keep taking more pills as the effects of the previous begin to wear off, you could begin to have adverse reactions. Medications affect different people in different ways and any drug is toxic to your liver. Sometimes the toxins can build quicker than the liver can work to neutralize. That might be why she knew exactly how many pills she took and called for help. Of course, anything is possible.

  • It’s really hard for me to sympathize with people who attempt suicide, maybe due to the fact that my dad attempted suicide like a zillion times when I was a kid. It just seems like a really selfish thing to do. So here’s hoping it was an accident and not a drunken “I miss my ex boyfriend” attempt.

    She is kind of strange looking, but in a pretty way. She does look like her dad but it works for her, I think.

  • she seems sweet…i hope she gets the help she needs.

    gosh! i remember when she was born…i’m gettin’ up there, folks.