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Katie Holmes’ Well-Heeled Explanation


Sunday night, as Katie Holmes attended the Dizzy Feet Foundation charity event, she finally answered the question that all of America has been asking:  Why does three-year-old Suri wear high heels?  Katie explained that Suri loves her mother’s high heels, so Holmes researched and found ballroom dancing shoes for toddlers.

I guess this is supposed to put everyone’s concerns at rest.  If they are ballroom dancing shoes, I reckon that means that they aren’t damaging to little, developing feet?  They cost about a hundred bucks a pair so that must mean that they are more acceptable.

Personally, it’s still a preschooler in high heels which just doesn’t look to me, but that’s not my call.  As long as Tom and Katie have money socked away for a therapist who can explain to Suri why being allowed to wear whatever she wants despite climate or age appropriateness isn’t necessarily the best parenting strategy, who am I to judge?

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  • Suri seems like a well-behaved child. If she has clothing preferences, and the clothing preferences are ultimately benign, I don’t have a problem with her parents indulging her.
    If Suri needs to regularly see a therapist in the future, it would more likely be because she became gossip and tabloid fodder as a preschooler, rather than because of the clothing indulgences that her doting parents allowed her.

  • Little girls in high heel shoes (as in child pageants etc) remind me of the Irish Travelers. Some of them have traditions of dressing young female children up as women and encouraging them to dance for old men, etc. It’s just kind of creepy to me.

    I wore some of my mom’s shoes when I was a kid–while playing pretend around the privacy of our home.

    I read that Scientology encourages parents to treat children as miniature adults…. There’s no baby-talk allowed. I think it has to do with their inner alien having been around for gazillions of years or something and making various trips through flesh bodies.

    Suri sure is cute though.

  • So.Fucking.What. She’s a 3 year old girl and wants to wear “fancy shoes.” It’s what 3 year old girls do.

  • Just because a kid plays dress up doesn’t mean you put shoes on them that will damage unfused bones in a childs’ feet, causing a lifetime of foot problems. She doesn’t wear coats when it’s cold because she doesn’t want to wear them, clearly a 3 year old is making the decisions which is never okay. What is okay is saying no and putting the right shoes and coats on them as weather dictates. They are indulgent parents who will be sorry later on when they are dealing with health and behavior problems.

  • Well at least she has found shoes that properly fit her instead of having her walk around in those plastic princess dress up heeled shoes. Like others I am more concerned about the no long sleeves or jacket situation. They are in frickin’ Boston! I grew up in NE, it gets COLD man. Who cares if she doesn’t want to wear it, make her because you are the parent!

  • Who gives a fuck? The kid seems fine. She looks cared for, happy and loved. I think her parents are pricks but I’m not gonna criticize something for the sake of it. Kid is fine. Lets put the time and energy into the millions of children who do not have enough food or a roof over their heads in this country.

    A little girl wanting to be like mommy is not some out of this world, unheard of event.

  • I think they put her in heels now because in 3-4 years she will be the same height as her father and he will be the only one in the family allowed to wear heels. Enjoy it while it lasts, Suri!

  • Weren’t you using this same picture a few weeks ago to try to claim they were also giving the kid coffee? Just for the record, when you just make crap up it isn’t gossip, it’s just stupid.

  • I seriously doubt her little heels are going to turn her into the “elephant girl.” However, she may be preparing for a lifetime of being in heels if that’s really coffee she’s drinking.. hello stunted growth.

  • I like a good Cruise bashing as much as the next person, but a) who says Suri wears those heels every day, and b) you failed to notice the jacket/sweater draped over Katie’s arm. You can buy heels like those at Wal-Mart or Payless, so it’s not as if she’s the only litte girl in the world who wears dress shoes. As for the jacket/sweater Katie’s holding, its obvious that it’s child-sized, so perhaps Suri got tired of wearing something so bulky and asked to take it off for a while.

    I’d be pissed as a parent if these pictures were being picked apart by the public. Nothing bad is going on here.

    • I was just going to say that I saw them at Sears on Black Friday. They’re only about 1/2″ heels.

  • what’s wrong with her wearing heels once in a while? walking around in them all the time could be bad for her feet, sure, but calm down on how a three-year-old dresses. she’s not suffering physically, i’m sure they have her wear a coat when she needs one, and other than that if it’s not a formal occasion there’s absolutely no harm in letting kids dress themselves.

  • So, I didn’t comment (or read the comments) when the “coffee controversy” first happened, but…everyone knows Starbucks sells hot chocolate, right? And other non-caffeinated beverages? I’m all for a TomKat bash, but come on.

    As for the heels: no opinion, but my friend lives in Boston and one of her classmates was walking down the streets in the Back Bay, and sees a mom and her kid in these dress up shoes. She thinks to herself, “Come on, parents! You really have to jump on the bandwagon THAT FAST to imitate a celebrity child?” Then the pair turns around, and it was actually Katie and Suri. Anyway, fun story for her!

  • “put everyone’s concerns at rest”.

    Really Wendie, you think “everyone” in America is concerned about the development of Suri’s fucking feet? They could have her play with loaded guns and I wouldn’t give a shit. You assume way to fucking much!

  • stop it stop it stop it. at least once a week we get almost the same post about stupid suri and her stupid shoes or her stupid lack of a coat. which launches a new batch of insanity about why its horrible or why its not so freaking bad. this time we didn’t even get a new picture. leave her alone. she is 3. stop trying to fuck her up early just so you have some messed up child of celebs to pick on in 13+ years.

  • The kid isnt cold. her dad is carrying her sweater. If she were freezing I dont think he’d be holding it just to torture her. Ppl are blasting Katie about letting Suri wear heels that toddler ballroom dancers wear, why dont you guys start protesting outside of those kids’ lessons; because Im sure they are suffering way more being on their feet for hours learning routines than Suri is walking down the street.