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Anthony Michael Maul


It happened a couple of weeks ago, but it’s just hitting the Internet now.  Back on the 10th of November, Anthony Michael Hall — you know him from The Breakfast Club, Weird Science and The Dead Zone — allegedly got into a brawl with his ex- girlfriend, Sirius radio host Diana Falzone.

According to the police report, Hall “bit his girlfriend’s forehead” and “pushed, shoved and spit at” her during the 2 a.m. fight in her apartment on Nov. 10. The following morning at 3 a.m., the Brat Packer re turned “intoxicated” and repeatedly banged on her door before he was escorted out by officers.

Falzone — I’m not sure who that is in the picture above, but probably not her since it was taken two days after the incident — recently had a restraining order issued against the actor whom she dated for over a year.  Hall was questioned by police on the 17th, but no charges have been filed against him.

Hall has previously admitted that he is bi-polar and a recovering alcoholic.

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  • All it takes is for me to even get a whiff of someone acting beserk, and I wouldn’t go near em with a 10 foot pole.

    Some chicks like the thrill of being with a man that would lop your head off and wear it like a helmet.

    Good luck to you, chick.

    • I am wondering the same … perhaps AMH has another condition – a jaw that unhinges or his lady has a tiny forehead ….

      I’m going to experiment with this when my boyfriend gets home. He will probably welcome the change of pace from the usual attempts to fish hook him.

      • Much like how one bites into an apple. One doesn’t chomp down on the whole thing at once.
        The appropriate next sentiment is for us to all cringe in unison.

      • Gross.

        I just can’t stop wondering though. At what point does one decide on the forehead? Maybe he had her pinned down and it was just right there. Either way, it’s weird & awful & gross & gives me the heebie jeebies.

  • why is no one as pissed off about this as they were with the Chris Brown incident? sounds pretty familiar, except the girl isn’t a superstar. HMMM

  • Yes, because Chris Brown = Anthony Michael Hall on the scales of fame and social relevance.
    Also, boycotting Anthony Michael Hall movies would be like boycotting the next Milli Vanilli CD.
    Okay, he’s a douche, too.

    • wtf? Sixteen Candles is way better than Milli Vanilli. Also I don’t think that fame and social relevance should dictate how bad we think it is when a man beats up on a woman. If there was a story about domestic abuse in the news you wouldn’t be like chhh they’re not famous, who gives a fuck?

      • Agreed on Sixteen Candles. You missed the point about Milli Vanilli. There will be no next Milli Vanilli CD.
        Also agreed about how level of fame and social relevance shouldn’t dictate how bad we feel about a man beating up a woman, but it does help dictate how much of a brouhaha we make about it on a celebrity gossip site.
        We’d all probably stop reading this site if the writers started blogging about my non-famous neighbor John beating up on his wife (hypothetical).

  • I think people aren’t getting as upset about AMH as they did with Chris Brown because of his current level of fame & also because we saw pictures of Rihanna. I bet we’d hear alot more uproar if there were photos taken of Diana & they were all over like Rihanna’s were.

    • I think people would also be more upset if they knew more about it. I saw something very brief about it a week ago, then here. The lack of publicity definitely makes it seem like it wasn’t very serious… although it obviously was. Maybe they’ll make a Celebrity Anger Rehab show, and all these guys like Chris Brown & Anthony Michael Hall will become even more famous for their bad deeds. Oh, fame machine…

  • wow at first I thought this was most def penned by molls as I read about this on dlisted weeks ago, but I digress.

    Not that I am making excuses, but AMH is bipolar and I know from seeing people very close to me having a manic episode (one side of bipolar) 1st hand, they don’t always know what they are doing, they are so beyond out of their mind that their way of thinking and actions are uncontrolable. Chris Brown is an ASSHOLE. He knew exactly what he was doing when he was doing it, not to mention how he acted right after the incident as well as presently.