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Hugh Laurie “Walked in to a Door”

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Hugh Laurie showed face at The Ivy in London this weekend and what a face he showed. Homeboy had the worst black eye that I’ve seen in a minute and his explanation? Well, there are hometown housewives who can muster up better excuses (that’s not a jab at the abused, it’s just THE TRUTH.) “I walked into a door. No, I mean I got hit by an owl.”

Who taught this man how to lie? Isn’t he an actor? Good thing I’ve never needed him to cover for me when I’ve skipped second period biology. “She’s in the bathroom. I mean, the nurse. I mean, I mean, she moved to Indiana! I mean, she said she had a note?”

The damage is rumored to be caused by his sparring partner back in LA. God, that’s hot. To think of Hugh Laurie sparring, I mean. I’d love a man who spars until he comes home with a broken face.

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  • uhm, molls… you realize he was joking around, right? “i fell down the stairs… no, i got hit in the face by a meteor!” he was avoiding the question using humor. british humor, but humor nonetheless.

    • LOL! I didn’t want to sound patronising by suggesting it was a cultural difference in sense of humour, but yeah… That.

      • there is! my husband and inlaws are from london and their jokes and humor are so dry and corny… lol i love them, though :) plus, hugh laurie is a british comedian at heart- he was in Black Adder with Rowan Atkinson!

    • Of course I realize that… Ugh. I wish I could come to your houses and read my words outloud for you so you could hear the sarcasm in my voice.

      • Of course you can, molls. I’m tidying up the casa a little now, but I’ll have a quiche prepared by the time you get here for the table reading, say 8:00P, EST? Address en route, via twitter.
        My favorite part of the article is when the author waxes poetic about the potential for Hugh Laurie to loses wages. Under what Bizarro World scenario might House film without heavy participation from Hugh Laurie?

      • i’m sorry, molls, but the entire article was about how poor a liar he was. i didn’t catch your subtle sarcasm.

  • In last week’s show, he was punched in the eye by one of his co-workers. I wonder if they wrote that in because it happened to him in real life? You would think that these shows were filmed weeks/months in advance though.

    • Yes, they actually do film months in advance. Which is why your suggestion is slightly retarded. Only slightly, though.

      • Well, I thought it was quite a coincidence. Maybe you should stop insulting the intelligence of others and grow up?