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Claire Danes: Still Alive


Her so-called acting career may be largely a thing of the past, but at least her body is bangin’. Claire Danes and some ass-kicking thighs showed up to the NYC screening of her new film Me and Orson Welles last night, and I have to admit this is the best I’ve seen her look in years. To be frank, I liked her best with bright orange hair and a be-flanneled, eyeliner-free Jordan Catalano, but I’m slowly coming to terms with the fact that we will never again get Jared Leto out of makeup.


Also there: Lydia Hearst, who needs sunshine and a cookie, stat. Really she looks like she just stumbled off the set of New Moon, with Dakota Fanning possibly being trafficked inside her skirt.

I haven’t had the opportunity to tell you guys that I saw New Moon last night and hated it. Chris Weitz was absolutely the wrong director — they never should have let Catherine Hardwicke go — and, despite my undying love for Taylor Lautner, I understand now why they wanted to replace him. Watching him play “angry werewolf” was excruciating. My date — who had never heard of Twilight before I asked him to take me — emailed me this morning implying that I need to put out in the immediate future in exchange for making him go to the “naked boy wolf movie.” It was one of those firmly worded “you owe me” emails. And he’s right.


Lastly, Zac Efron, who really ought to talk to his optometrist about getting new contacts that won’t irritate his eyes. Poor thing can’t stop squinting.

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  • You drug an innocent man date to a Twilight movie? Was that some kind of test? Oh, the things we do when we’re young and foolishly treat our men as girlfriends.

    • So true. Beet, Beet, Beet…what are we going to do with you?! I went with my girl friends to laugh at the ridiculousness and stare at a guy too young for me but I would NEVER bring a date unless he knew what he was getting into and wanted to laugh at them too. Oh you SO owe him.

  • I thought Claire actually had a lot on her plate as far as plays and movies were concerned? I think she’s been doing a lot of filming outside of the US for the last few years.

  • Claire Danes looks amazing! I always liked her, not only because she’s talented, but also because she tends to stay out of the flashbulbs of the paparazzi.

    And Beet, you and I are both monsters. I dragged my boyf to the 1st Twilight. He forced me to watch Transformers II after subjecting him to it. We’re even now.

  • My thirteen year-old niece doesn’t even want to see New Moon! She was my ‘tween shield – now I have to nut up and go alone. Damn. I know it’s going to be terrible, but I’m still strangely compelled to see this hot mess.

    • I’ve just got home from seeing it, and “hot mess” is exactly the way to describe it, lol.
      But I went in with no hopes except for watching pretty boys brood prettily, and I got my moneys worth ;)

  • Yes I am sensitive about it and I am just going to outright say it – some people are pale because they cannot physically tan and there is only so much Mystic Tan one can take. Some are not pale by choice… stop telling them they need to get sun like they haven’t been hearing that for years. They may already be really self-concious about it.

  • Your date “never heard of twilight” really? That sounds a little hard to believe unless he has no access to television or internet and has someone else go through the line for him at the supermarket.

  • my boyfriend had never heard of twilight until i mentioned it when i was telling him about my crush on/obsession with kristen stewart. kristen stewart, but not twilight it all looks really stupid; your date is so right – you owe him for tricking him into a movie about werewolves and vampires and boyz without shirts.