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Three of my faves, Beck, Devendra Banhart and MGMT have gotten together on this track “Video Master”, which is about as perfect as a song gets for me. The video is cool too, but if you like any one of these bands sounds, imagine it melded together and blown up with two other amazing bands. I know, I know, that sentence was unintelligible, but you have to understand that I can barely even wrap my head around how rad this song is. I mean, this is why I can forgive Beck for being a Scientologist. It’s because of stuff like this.

Excuse me, I have to go have a dance party.

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      • 80 year olds are considered cool these days to them though, haven’t you seen the way they dress? They would kill for those sweaters and lensless glasses.

  • This is just horrible, it is the opposite of how you described it… somehow the combination of 2 good and 1 retarded (banhart) sounds combine to sound like the musical equivalent of a shredded 2-week old newspaper. Useless shite.

  • I’m starting to agree with other posters. Post news. If we want to watch youtube videos, we will go to youtube.

  • molls sweetheart give me a clue. Where the fuck are you coming from? Where the fuck were you born? What were you raised by (human, animal, plant)? Did you go to school? Did you just recently purchase your first stereo? Have you ever NOT been stoned? What gives? You get all wet talking about that Canadian Lesbo duo, and now its this shit. Collectively all of the people in this clip are good., but the song, performance, and production are shit. One standard ass,commercially available,( any kids, 15 year old Sony electronic keyboard) beat that is looped incessantly, (with the occasional twist), and then lyrics that are juvenile at best, that are about one-third unintelligible and you act like you have reached an audio orgasm. What made me laugh hardest though and really scratch my head is when you said you have to go and “have a dance party”.Can anyone dance to this? That isn’t dance music. This is a celebrity gossip blog, not someplace for you to repeatedly post comments and clips expressing your shitty taste in music.

    • It’s a slow news day. I enjoyed the song. I thought it should be shared. Not everyone has to like everything. I apologize if you don’t understand why I posted it to the point that you’re angry. It’s not my intention to work anyone up over such things.

      Please feel free to check out my personal blog or email me if you have any questions about me. I also have a bio listed on ZeldaLily that should answer your questions about my education and background.

    • Yikes, someone got out of the wrong side of the bed this morning. You should hit a little bit of the green stuff yourself buddy – might improve your attitude.

      Oh and I’m with Molls, this is a killer song.

      • And I thought you were one of those fat guys that ended up stuck to their recliner because they’re too fucking lazy and fat to get the fuck up. Nice to know you actually fall out of bed, although I have concerns you have trouble standing up.

      • Your concerns are appropriate considering that I am a double amputee. The illness that caused it? It’s called mental illness. The drunk, stoned, teenager doing 76 in a 35 at 2 am with his lights off.

  • Eh, I appreciated it molls. MGMT and Beck are two of my favorites.. And A-2? It’s nice that you wanted to express your opinion and everything, but the whole ‘shitty taste in music’ was pretty stupid to say. Everyone has different tastes in music and you have to accept that, k?

  • The song is smokin tight and totally danceable. The vocals remind me of Ween — the old stuff from Guava. People who like mainstream stuff are never gonna like this but who cares.

  • Oh, sad news. Another rich famous Scientologist. I can’t wait for Operating Thetan Michael Misgavige to knock Tom Cruise and John Travolta’s heads together.

    Maybe then all of the famous Scientologists will defect en mass and collaborate on a film expose of the inner craziness of the cult. But they may be too protected to know what really goes on.

  • I love it. Thanks for giving us something to groove to. I just turned it up even louder to drown out some of the above…

  • I have liked all these bands/Beck for years (I saw MGMT back when they were still ‘The Management,’ +10 hipster points), and even I agree they all do nothing for each other.

    • Your post deserves to be recognized as you’ve obviously done your homework. I hereby submit your name to the Nobel Peace Prize committee.