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Beyonce Covers Anita Baker’s ‘Sweet Love’

Beyonce continued on her tour last night with a stop in Edmonton and surprised the audience with a rare cover of Anita Baker’s “Sweet Love”. I don’t think I’ve heard this song anywhere but the grocery store in the last decade, but Bey rocked it out like it was her own and that dress? That dress? Can we talk about how damn fine mama looks in that dress? The House of Dereon has been doing Bey right these days, that’s all I’m saying. Jeezey peezey.

What do you think about the cover?

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  • can’t bear to listen to the cover. knowles isn’t much of a singer and should leave well enough alone. ah, heck, what do i care if she embarrasses herself further? anita baker yawned her way through her definitive version of the song anyway. why doesn’t beyonce try to remake the wizard of oz and star in it? that needs doing as much as remaking the iconic version of Sweet Love by baker.

    as for that dress, well, it’s awfully tight. and sparkly. i wouldn’t say either characteristic does knowles any favors.

  • Nope…personally I like Anita’s version better…

    Beyonce is beyond gorgeous – even though it almost looks as though she’s wearing something odd under that dress…which make her hips look rather wide. But now I’m just nit-picking.

  • I think she looks near deformed in that getup.. Her hips look freaky and honestly, she looks like she might be preggers. Her belly’s out, no matter how cinched her waist is. I hope it’s just the dress but I think she looks absolutely awful in that dress.

  • Anita Baker sings it better: it’s like it’s not even a song here…or music even. But Beyonce seems like a nice person.

  • Sure Anita sings it better -done in a studio- but this wasn’t bad at all and was a nice live riff on the original. And Beyonce’s look? Get over it she’s a full figured girl.

    As for Anita, what a waste of her early promise (that’s what you get when you let your husband be your manager).

    • Not really, Anita actually sings this song really well live, she sings it better then Beyonce. And I am not just saying it because its her song, its because its truth. Beyonce over sings a lot. She is a great singer but she has a habit of over singing like Christina.

  • The reason I can’t stand this cover has less to do with Beyonce than it does with this style of singing that has become more and more popular over the last couple of decades. It seems like singers are obsessed with showing off their vocal range. All this does is distract me from the melody and lyrics.

    I shouldn’t be reminded of yodeling when listening to what was a sweet love song.

  • That dress looks incredibly painful. Ouch. It looks like her chubby hips busted out of their spanks and ran for freedom. Don’t get me wrong, she’s by no means fat, she’s full-figured, and that’s beautiful, but jeez, that just looks like it hurts.

  • I enjoy hearing her belting. I wish she’d done the whole song and a closer cover. She doesn’t have the rich timber of Anita Baker, but I like her delivery – it’s strong.

    I think the dress has a corset on top and it is built out over the hips with some stiff material.

    I can’t believe that she can perform in high heels, in a corseted dress, and still sing or move – what a pro.

  • Beyonce trying to out sing Anita Baker is like my one armed spastic brother thinking he can hit more home runs than A-Rod.

  • This was a song she should’ve covered later on in her career. The oversinging is getting a little annoying. Can’t wait til she finds an artist with a real voice that she can write for, a la Missy Elliot.