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Beyonce and Lady Gaga Video Phone Remix Video

Ah, you know what a fan I am of Beyonce.  Watch B and Lady Gaga do high kicks and writhe around in multi-colored bustiers.  Enjoy!

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  • This is the dumbest video I’ve ever seen, let alone the worst song I’ve ever heard. “On Your Video Phone”…. God, I must be getting old.

  • wow, how the hell does beyonce change so much in her outward appearance?! like, her skin tone changes, her FACE changes, even her freaking body type. when she had that fringe there toward the end of the video, i was like who the fuck is that?! jesus. Also, someone told me that in like 15 years time, all popstars will be naked in their videos.. and this seems to be a step into that direction.
    costumes were more entertaining than the song itself.

  • I like it better with the sound turned all the way down and even then not so much. I think the years are not going to be kind to Lady Gaga and she is going to have to soon start putting her makeup on with a cement mixer and a spackle.

  • I love it. im amazed and impressed. it was entertaining. that’s all i want out of a music video- entertainment. lady gaga, is extremely unattractive. Rhinoplasty- STAT!!! At the end of the video- with the more street look, beyonce looked like solange.

  • If Gaga went out there and got her nose fixed or whatever else the world thinks is wrong with her appearance, she’d just get criticized for taking the road to plastic surgery. I don’t think she’d do it anyway – the girl clearly doesn’t give a fuck what people want her to do because she keeps doing it her way. And she’s making a damn good living off it.

    Anyway – I like this collaboration. It’s nice to see Gaga try and take on Beyonce’s style. But could Beyonce do it Gaga’s way? I’d like to see that.

  • Wow… this was awful. Looks like Beyonce lost a lot of weight too, which is unfortunate because I think her curvy body is beautiful. The “effects” this video has are awful and tacky. The Sasha Fierce album has to be her weakest one yet… quite a disappointment.

  • um.. we all know Beyonce is hot, I wish she could come up with a new video concept. And Lady Gaga.. well I love her, but she was looking rather transtastic in this video.

  • Whoa… the video makes me dizzy… and wtf is lady gaga doing… she can’t dance.. :S I have a feeling this song is going to be VERY annoying… i mean EVEN more annoying lol

  • Bey-bey ga-ga ganster rap, rude to men desiring them as ho’s and guns.. who cares, I am rich but low class!? Disturbing music trend and troubling attitudes from the pairing.. considering the young fans who see this and think it’s cool..