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Are the Hogan Family the New Lohans?


Clubgoers at Las Vegas nightclub Enclave reported that a plastered Brooke Hogan showed up last night in what one guy described as “an utter state of hot drunkenness,” which is also now my knew favorite way to describe that phase of consciousness. At about two in the morning she hopped up on stage and stumbled all over herself to give an impromptu performance that included slurred lyrics and terrible, clumsy dancing, which is actually no different from any other Brooke Hogan performance.

So, she embarrassed herself– again, how is that any different from a normal Brooke Hogan musical performance– but she’s 21, so there wasn’t anything illegal about it.  I just hope for the sake of her daddy that she’s not going to start down the Lohan expressway to nowhere. Judging from the premature aging in the picture above (Brooke is on the right) she’s been putting some things in her system on a regular basis that aren’t good for her.

That whole family should probably go to rehab together.  Last week on the Joy Behar show, The Hulk talked about popping a few Xanax, staring at a bottle of booze with a gun in his hand, and contemplating suicide after his wife filed for divorce. He also commented that he could “understand” where O.J. Simpson was “coming from” and thought about “turning everything into a crime scene” and “slitting everybody’s throats.”

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  • Maybe it’s just me, but I feel bad for Terry :( As for the rest of the Hogans – not so much. But I feel bad for him after watching that video and seeing him on his show.

  • Why does his gf resemble his daughter? I wonder how nick feels about having a sister that is far and away more of a man than he is.

  • I just want to let you know the title of the article is grammatically incorrect. It should be: Are the Hogans the new Lohans?” or “Is the Hogan family the new Lohans?” As for what I think about the whole thing? I like them less than the whole Gosselin scandal- and I don’t care much the Gosselins at all. =)

    • Yeah, that’s debatable. In this instance, I believe the noun “family” refers to the individuals who are members of the collective group, so you don’t use the singular verb.

      Example: “My family ARE ranchers.” not “My family IS ranchers.”

      If you’re having trouble because it’s in interrogative form, try restating it in the declarative:

      “The Hogan family ARE the new Lohans.” not “The Hogan family IS the new Lohans.”

      But most English grammar is debatable. Thank you, and no one really cares.

  • Holy shit, that’s Brooke?? When I saw the picture, I wondered if Hulk and his ex (Linda?) got back together or something weird like that. WOW.

  • I really like Brooke- her show is my guilty pleasure. She is actually a sweet girl, who really loves her dad. I think that the divorce is really hard on her and I feel bad for Terry. As far as I can see his wife cleaned him out and is shacking up with a 19yr old and now he has a lot of bills and health problems.