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Some People Shouldn’t Be Allowed To Be Real


So People Magazine is reporting that the stripper who claims she slept with Fergie’s man, Josh Duhamel is doing some interview on Extra to apologize to Fergie for messing with her man. To me, that’s not so interesting because like, duh. That’s what nobody rando people who make horrible claims about celebrities do. They do the press tour, they maybe decide they want to act and wind up doing promotional parties in Grand Rapids or like, whatever. All those Z-List nobody things that attention seeking weirdos do. I don’t particularly think it matters that she’s apologizing to Fergie, who cares? But here’s what killed me when I read the story:

In fact, the media attention given to her claims have hurt her family, if anyone’s. She has two young children.

“My son, he went to a football game last Saturday and he was like, ‘Mom, you’re disgusting. I didn’t know you had sex with him,’ ” she says.

She’s even quit stripping.

“I don’t want to because of my children,” she says. “They asked that I never do it again.”

But was it all worth it? The sex definitely wasn’t, she says. “As far as the best sex? No, I don’t think that was it,” she says.

This woman is a mother?! She has children old enough to go to football games on their own and come home with information about their mother’s having a sex scandal with a major celebrity that’s been splashed all over the Internet and news? Is this really where we’re at? This kid’s life will probably never be the same. His relationship with his mother is permanently tainted by this incident. It’s one thing to know your mother is a stripper, but to know that she’s sleeping with married men on the job, essentially making her a prostitute? If these kids have a relative they can live with, they should.

Anyone who would sacrifice the emotional health of their children to gain a molecule of infamy is disgusting.

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  • I agree. What a trashy mom. I can’t imagine how humiliating it would be to find out your mom had sex with Josh and not Fergie. Major let down lol

  • This stripper opened her big mouth in the FIRST place! Now she’s upset because what SHE said pubicly is affecting her kids. Not to mention she continues to make comments about the sex. She’s a first-class moron who lives in the same world as Jon Gosselin-perhaps they should hook-up, make a video, and sell it, then of course complain about it while they count their money.

  • again, she worked at a place called “tattletales” – who’ sthe real idiot here……..Fergie! for believing an ounce of what Josh says. They’re both idiots come to think of it. her with her polluted womb and him believing a stripper would keep her mouth shut.

  • She’s milking her fifteen minutes for all that they’re worth. I wonder when he’ll stop texting her. She should keep stringing this along because each admission must be money in the bank.

  • I think most strippers have kids, right? I think that’s why they strip, so they can pay for their kids with single parent income? Maybe I’m the only one who has no misconceptions about these people?

  • Actually a lot of strippers are college students paying their way through college. What I hate about this lady is that she’s such a huge liar. she says josh called her hot. Which could be attributed to bad lighting or no lighting. And that she wasn’t aware who he was. But she saved all the texts but I guess she probably does that to all the men she sleeps with to black mail em later? Well atleast she’s teaching her kids how fucked up their mom is

  • I agree Bernstein; she is the one that blabbed in the first place, and for money. And she said she never expected anyone to know. Well, duh, they probably wouldn’t have if you’d have kept your pie-hole (pun intended) shut!

    And now you’re trying to evoke sympathy because your child(ren) found out and confronted you with it???!! Puh-leeze. You knew what you were getting into, whether he was famous or not, couldn’t keep your mouth shut and have now got your tit slammed in the screen door.

    Keep your blab money, STFU and GO AWAY!!!