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MTV’s Jersey Shore May Actually Be a Real Thing

So, I’m watching this video I found on ONTD that’s a promo for a new MTV reality show called Jersey Shore. I’m trapped in a place between wondering if this is an excellent parody, or if MTV is just the lowest-quality producer of entertainment in the universe. Don’t get me wrong, I love me some True Life and Made and I could watch original Real World for DAYS, but this? I feel like I’ve gotten crabs just from watching it.

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  • Is this a friggin joke? Looks funny to me. The fist pumping, really? Must be tough, that guy was pitting out bad! Haha

  • oh my god this looks amazing. i am being completely serious. it looks like a behind the scenes of the worst of the bridezillas. can not wait.

  • Funny thing is, that IS how the majority of men/women are in the Jersey Shore area. Very similar to those residents of Italian Long Island, NY. Bunch of fucking nutjobs.

    • I don’t really think MTV can ever get it right representing people actually FROM the Jersey Shore and people who drive down or have summer houses at the Jersey Shore. I have lived 10 minutes from Belmar my entire life and hate when the guidos and bennys invade. i like making fun of guidos though, so i will be watching!

    • Seriously, these are the people that DON”T live at the shore. They live an hour or more away and ruin three months of the year for everyone else. We can only have solace in the fact that we’re taking their money and that some of them will end up wrapped around a pole on Rt. 37.

  • those pit stains were amazingly disgusting… but yet I had to watch it again just to see how big they were.

  • annnnoyyyinnngg, the REAL jersey shore is nothing like this. If you’ve lived here and don’t travel down here then you know. I live 2 minutes from belmar and manasquan and i am not a guidette and i do not like guidos. i am sick of these tv shows that portray us all wrong.

  • Abosuletly correct about the travelers… they drive down the GSP with the frightening base and neon-a-glow! Truth is they perform the moranic flock FROM NY/North Jersey and do the Jersey shore summer invade. But only in some of the shore towns are they accepted, nurtured and encouraged to be their stupid self depreciating selves. The majority of the Jersey shores like LBI, Margate, Cape May, Spring Lake, Avalaon, Stone Harbor.. and MANY others have NONE of this awfulness. And NONE of the residents (home owners) in these towns are anything like this. Even if they are unfortunate to be one of the “accepting” shores. They can not WAIT till Labor Day is over!

    It still will be funny to watch the horror…