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The Lil Wayne Documentary Will Change Us All

The trailer for Lil Wayne’s official documentary was released yesterday and ooooooooh boy is it good. When asked what he thinks about his death, Wayne says (whilst sucking on a lolipop) “Awww, no. I don’t even think about that, that’s stupid.”

Jokes aside, Wayne’s label Young Money has been blowing up for the past couple of years, not just producing Wayne himself, but the likes of Drake and Nicki Minaj as well. There’s no question that Wayne has an ear for what will pick up and become huge and it’s safe to say that that makes him somewhat of a genius. Despite what your dad or your grandma may think of him, Wayne’s one of the really huge breakout artists of the 2000s and his contribution to music is one that will definitely continue to have an effect on the industry. For him to allow such exclusive access to his life at such an early stage in his career is practically unheard of, and this documentary should provide a lot of insight in to the life of a mega-successful rap mogul on top of his game.

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  • Um, what blog am I on? I thought I accidently went on to Bossip. This is the dumbest most irrelavent post…first of all……..Lil Wayne and the rest that you listed have no talent. I’m sorry, I try to keep an open mind, but its true GARBAGE. Oh how I hate evil beet weekends…….

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  • I for one LOVE Lil Wayne. I think he is a genius, and super creative. It takes talent to freestyle all your music… he doesnt write anything down. No matter what you think about him, you need to respect that! I would love to meet him, I think he seems really down to earth and doesnt bullshit. LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEE WEEZY BABAY

  • I for one LOVE Lil Wayne. I think he is a creative genius, and find it very impressive that he writes his music in his head and doesnt need to write it down. THAT takes talent and no matter what anybody says about him, that deserves respect. He’s also very down to earth and says what comes to his mind instead of being a fake bullshitter like most of the rest of the world. I love him!!

  • Are you kidding me? There hasn’t been a decent rap song to come out of this freggin decade. Hiphop is dead, and Lil Wayne and all these anuses that think they can rap killed it. Since when is rapping about having lots of money and sex talent? Or cause for a documentary?! Maybe the guy should write down his lyrics, to make sure they don’t fucking suck. If you want REAL TRUE RAP….check out this hot MC

  • Well the man’s making money, so obviously a lot of people are listening to him. He’s changing hip hop whether you like it or not. Thanks for posting this EB! If I can get a free copy I’ll definitely watch. ;)

  • Rap isn’t music, this guy isn’t a musician, and all in all this post made me shed tears for a dead culture and its empty youth.

    • rap is music, you may not like anything about it, but its still music. and wayne is very successful, you have to give him that.

  • ^Wow Suzette you took the words out of my mouth! So is this going to be a 3 post day today molls? BEET, if your reading this, PLEAAAASE see if you can find someone who is actually INTERESTED in writing for this blog on the weekends…pretty pretty please. And while your at it, could you possibly find someone who has some actual wit and grammar skills as well. Thanks.

    • “if YOU’RE reading this”
      “while YOU’RE at it”

      Sorry. I agree with you about the lack of posts on weekends, but I couldn’t help but correct you since you were talking about grammar skills.

  • I think he’s only really popular in the US. Personally, I can’t understand the whole hype around him, I don’t think he’s especially creative or talented, apart from that he’s not what I would want as a role model for my kids.

  • The reply thing looks broke right now. I saw the Weezy behind the music or whatever it’s called last month. It was very interesting. Kid was in the gifted program at school and actually quite articulate speaking about his life. I am amazed at how many times he uses the F word in each song, as well as the N word. His stuff is pretty dirty, but catchy.

  • people people, people, something so simple is yet so complicated, its so easy to cast an unfavorable opinion upon, something you don’t understand or haven’t been exposed too. His music and his persona transcends the barriers of social intellect per say, lil wanye has a vulnerable and captivating personality which draws many people, is everything he should be yet everything he shouldnt be, imagine if you could converge all the pain in anger you’ve every felt in your life, in spit it out at will over the hardest rock instrumental or rap instrumental off the top of your head and millions of people where sitting in the room listening too you, and the felt every feeling you felt, then the walk out the room and even though the never met you, they knew you better than they knew their best friends. I could have said all that in a simple phrase, he touches people through his music…

  • if you think wayne is overrated, thats his mainstream stuff, if you listen to carter , or carter 2, thats where his best was at. and his mixtapes, like the drought mixtapes, were amazing.

  • I wish I had his address in jail. I would write him even tho I’m no writer and tell him how he has affected me in every way…pictures and all to bag it up…… I named my child after something about him *secret* for some reason I feel like he wrote this (long shot but I feel it’s true)….peace people