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You Didn’t Actually Need to Wear a Box to the Premiere of “The Box,” Cameron



This outfit is just, like, the worst idea ever, in so many ways. It’s not even the boxy shape that’s the problem, it’s the fact that it’s so damn tight in the middle. It scrunches up her breasts and makes it look like she has fat rolls, when she’s obviously like the thinnest person ever. At least her makeup looks really pretty, and James Marsden looks hot.

You know what’s really unfair?

James Marsden is 36 and Cameron Diaz is 37. They’re about the same age. But while Cameron looks like she’s getting noticeably older every year, James just looks like he’s getting hotter. Why does aging hate women so much?

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  • Ehhhh, I don’t like her eye makeup. Your eyeliner should never be THAT dark. Esp since her eyes look ghostly =/

    • yeah, I dn’t like it either. It just looks poorly blended, and makes her eyes look close together.
      James Marsden looks hot, though

    • My comment was also about her eyeliner. I think the black lower lid inside line is just awful on almost everyone. Props to whoever put her foundation on. The acne scars don’t show as much.

      Now…could someone be bothered to try to do something with her hair? That’s the “I’m so pretty I don’t need to do my hair” hair. But uh… you do–especially when being photographed promoting something and you have tons of money and a team to help you get ready.

      • I completely agree about the eyeliner. No one over the age of 20 should wear eyeliner on the bottom lid. It looks so awkward and unnatural.

    • I too also as well would like to comment on the eyeliner. Putting it inside your lower lid is a huge NO unless you want to look old. yeah

    • I think it should be inherantly wrong to marry or procreate 2 blue eyed people. There is science that says they all share a common ancestor so they would be more related than a non-relative mixed eyed couple. Actually, for the sake of genetic diversity, I think we should all marry interracially. It worked for me, and my daughter is smarter than most her age and absolutely beautiful. GENETIC DIVERSITY. Oh- and all mormons should stop breeding all-together (they think they have a pure race but deformed still-borns fill their backwoods cememtery)

      • No kidding. I had to go back and read that post again to be sure I actually read what I thought I read.

      • Unless two people are very directly related (parents, siblings, cousins, etc.), the child that comes from those two people who have, say, blue eyes or are of Japanese descent is not going to be much different than a child of an African woman and an Italian man, genetic disorders aside, of course. So, before you start talking about GENETIC DIVERSITY just keep in mind that all humans are 96-99% genetically identical.

      • “Genetic disorders aside” This is what I’m talking about!! Listen, I have blue eyes, both of my parents did too, they both had alot of Norwegian blood. To me, it’s kinda gross to have nothing to offer but an all white- european back ground. So I washed my offspring’s blood with a some mexican (an already diverse group, showing native south american blood mixed with spanish, french, you name it they got it). I saw the impact while I was pregnant with her- we didn’t need genetic testing for sickle cell, cystic fibrosis, tay-sachs disease because we are not of the same race. So yes, my mixed kid is better than your racially pure kid. Haha!

      • Oh okay, yeah. Except I don’t care whether my kid will be racially pure or not. See, when I choose to reproduce, it will be with someone based on love, not based on whether or not he will be able to make sure our child doesn’t have only a “gross” all-European background to offer.

  • Actually, James does have a kid with his wife, and let me tell you, his eyes are GORGEOUS. Although, he is only about 8….I guess I will have to wait for him XD (I’m 16).

  • I just saw the trailer for this, and I realized I’d already seen the Twilight Zone episode the screenplay is based on.

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  • I’d take that aging Cameron Diaz body and face any day. There’s just a huge double standard – look at Jack Nicholson getting Helen Hunt in As Good As It Gets.

    Hell will freeze before an actress who is in comparable shape gets a young guy in his prime in movies. And in real life, both the woman and the man in such a scenario would be held in contempt and suspicion.

    But Cameron has probably had a lot of sun exposure in her life, which takes its toll. And women’s collagen reproduction slows faster than men’s.

    She’s still gorgeous and always will be though. I detect another age-proof Goldie Hawn or Michelle Phiffer in the making. I just hope that she goes easy on the cosmetic interventions, if she gets any.

  • Aging doesn’t hate women; society hates aging women. And she looks great, by the way (apart from the unfortunate eyeliner).

  • i love the eyeliner (and makeup overall) – really makes her blue eyes pop.

    i think she looks medicated, drunk, high, something. usually she looks so genuine and outgoing – here, not so much.