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Did Heather Get Ashlee Kicked Off Melrose Place?

Heather Locklear's On Set Beef With Ashlee Simpson

There has been endless speculation over the cause of Ashlee Simpson’s departure on the new Melrose Place and while publicly those involved with the show have been saying that it was planned for Ashlee to leave early all along, many are assuming that there’s more to the story. An insider on the set told Star Magazine that there is, in fact, more to Ashlee’s departure than is being said and it apparently has to do with the arrival of another diva: OG Melrose Place star Heather Locklear.

The two are said to have butted heads on set many times. Ashlee was caught whispering things about Heather’s age to others and Heather was fed up with Ashlee’s lack of talent and wannabe diva attitude. The producers, knowing that Heather was bound to bring some new eyes to the show and boost ratings, made the executive decision to cut Ashlee and her co-star Colin Egglesfield in order to keep Heather around.

While I can see Ashlee’s diva schtick being both obnoxious and unwarranted, I do have to say that I think Heather has to have a pretty high opinion of herself if she thinks she can get employed anywhere other than the Melrose Place set. Let’s face it: After her last few years in the headlines, she’s not exactly A-list and I can’t think of the last time that she did anything reasonable. Plus, this quote from the set insider, “Heather was jealous of Ashlee immediately. She knew Ashlee was one of the bigger names on set, and she wanted her gone so she could make it her show. Heather is very political and calculating…”, not only makes Heather sound like a bully, but it seems kind of pathetic.

Either way, I can’t imagine that this show is going to be around long enough for it to make a huge impact on either actresses career.

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  • There was a blind on CDAN that everyone assumed was Heather and Ashlee… and it basically said that Heather was getting her thrown off the show. Which makes me like Heather just a little bit more.

  • Heather L. always was the slightly less trashy version of Pamela Anderson. Honestly, I don’t really know why everyone hates Ashlee Simpson so much. I actually liked her first album and thought she had a way better singing style than Jessica. I’ve never watched the show or seen Ashlee act, but at least she’s never been caught with a DUI or had someone call 911 on her because she was highly suicidal. Honesly Heather to me is just a washed up old actress that doesn’t have much to offer. At least Ashlee is young and fresh. And from what I’ve heard, people who actually do like the show says she was one of the better characters.