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Three Hundred. Thousand. Dollars.

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Well, it didn’t take Samantha Burke long to whore out some photos of her daughter Sophia, the product of a short-lived tryst with Jude Law.  In a way, isn’t it lovely that Burke agreed to appear on the cover of Hello! magazine to the tune of more than a quarter of a million dollars?  Jude hasn’t met his daughter yet, so this is a good way for him to get a gander at the child.  When asked about plans for Law to meet Sophia, Burke replied “There are no plans for it to happen at the moment, but I know he’s busy.”

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  • Jude’s a dumbshit whore of a man…I’m not gonna talk shit about the babymama. I seriously doubt she got pregnant on purpose, and who are we do tell her what to do with her baby? If Hello Magazine in the UK is willing to pay her that kind of money for some pics, fine. Lord knows Jude’s gonna make it ugly and humiliating for her.

    He needs to wrap it up or quit having sex entirely or he will have kids all over the world.

    I blame HIM for any embarrassment that may come from all this. Oh, and what a douche to not even SEE Sophia.

  • I don’t see the problem of, as you call it, “whoring out” pics of the baby. It’s a proud parent wanting to show the world their bundle of joy. And if it involves cash, I think it’s ok as long as the $$$ is going to good use, i.e. the kid’s wants & needs, and it’s future.

      • If some celeb knocked me up and didn’t want any responsibility, i’d probably do the same thing. Kid’s gotta go to college somehow. And the money definitely WOULD be put away for the child.

  • The moment she laid eyes on him Jude was the prize. He didn’t even remember her or her name, which was why they did the DNA test prior to the birth. She had a child by a one night stand who never called her again and had no memory of her. Selling her off as an infant was just one of many monetary perks for mommy.

    I doubt he’ll ever feel the same way about this child as he does his other children, but both of them will be well taken care of.

    • They would photographed the child the first time her mother took her out of the house. Might as well get paid for it and have it be a flattering photo.

  • Fact: Most ‘wonderful fathers’ wait weeks, even months, to see their newborns. Especially those who are not off fighting wars, or are not wonderful fathers who happen to be in prison.
    Precious baby Sophia. She may have Jude’s eyes ears money. Deservedly so.

  • Am I the only one who thinks the name Sophia is awfully close to his first wife’s name, Sadie? I just would have gone with a different letter in the alphabet just for the sake of it.

  • To be fair, five years ago, Jude Law was quite the hottie…

    Sad that he is aging so poorly that people assume that Sophie was just looking for that 18 year paycheck