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Billy Mays III Wants You To Dress Up As His Dead Father For Halloween

Billy Mays for Halloween?

I would have guessed that the most popular Halloween costumes this year would be Michael Jackson and Lady Gaga, but I’m officially putting Billy Mays up there too. Why? His son is hosting a contest on his website encouraging fans to dress up like his desceased father for “prize packages”. How tacky.

Mays the 3rd defends his actions though, saying that this is just a another thing he’s doing to carry on his father’s memory. “All I’m trying to do is spread some positivity out there in the world. Couldn’t hurt, could it?”

Uhhh, no. But it’s kinda creepy.

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  • Do I get to snort real cocaine while having my photo made in my costume, or do I use the fake shit? The rules aren’t clear.

  • oh my goodness. . . last night my boyfriend (who sports the billy beard well goatee) decided to go as zombie billy mays. :)

    • oh my goodness. . . your boyfriend sounds like the hippest cat on the freakin’ planet! i bet you both work for NASA.

  • Darn, and I’ve already bought my dead Farrah Fawcett costume for the competition Ryan O’Neal is throwing. The winner gets to sleep with a puffy, washed up old man and do crystal meth with his ugly redheaded retarded son. Wish me luck!!!!!

  • Dressing up like Lady Gaga for Halloween is basically doing the opposite of what she herself does…dresses up like it’s Halloween every day.