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Celebrity Burglar Is In It For The Clothes


Rachel J. Lee, a 19 year old from Calabasas, CA, along with several of her girlfriends, has been arrested for breaking in to and then looting the closets of several celebrity homes in the past year. Lindsay Lohan, Audrina Patridge, Paris Hilton , Orlando Bloom and Kourtney Kardashian have all had similar break-ins occur at their houses– there were no electronics stolen (which is usually the first thing a burglar would grab), mainly clothing, jewelry and handbags. Not exactly the most lucrative loot jobs, basically.

This isn’t the first time Lee’s been motivated to break the law for vanity sake either. A couple years ago she was caught shoplifting from Sephora. OK, so that’s a little different than finding someone’s home via star maps and the internet and then checking their appearance schedule to best guess what time they’d be out of the house and then breaking in and stealing all their clothes, but there’s a theme here. Also, it probably doesn’t do Rachel a whole lot of good that she’s high school pals with the man formally charged with the Lohan and Patridge burglaries.

It kinda makes me sad to think about these girls so desperate to dress like a celebrity that they actually steal their clothing. The materialism disgusts me. What’s wrong with some $24 shoes from T.J. Maxx and a Hanes v-neck and the jeans with the tiny hole ripped in the ass because you’ve had them for so long? These girls are 18 and 19 years old, they should be running around topless, celebrating their young bodies and free minds. But no! They’re taking the easy way out and breaking in to multi-million dollar homes owned by celebrities they admire and stealing their t-shirts and headbands. Teenagers are so bad these days, you guys. I can’t handle it. They should be at the beach.

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  • I mean what do they expect. Most teenagers look up to celebrities and think they need to look and dress the same. It’s sort of like an eating disorder (coming from someone who has one) except with clothing. Lol. I’m not saying that stealing is ok. I just sort of think I might slightly understand their mentality…?

    • I think they expect people not to case somebody else’s home looking for an opportunity to steal what somebody else owns.
      If you want to dress in expensive clothing that you can’t afford, become a stripper.

  • “they should be running around topless, celebrating their young bodies and free minds. But no!”

    HaHa!!! How funny. I love it. I love it alot.

  • Yo i went to high school with these girls. They weren’t doin it to dress like those celebs. They was doin it to get fat money, they stole more than clothes yo. Around 2 million dollars of merchandise was stolen form many other celebs and not all the money has been found.