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Trent Reznor Married!


That was a short engagement!  Nine Inch Nails frontman Trent Reznor married ex-West Indian Girl singer Mariqueen Maandig Saturday night.  The announcement was made via the only method that anything meaningful happening ever gets communicated anymore — Twitter.  Congrats to the happy couple!

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    • Oh, I was. I’ve loved absolutely everything he’s done. It’s just that ten years ago was when my full-blown physical attraction to him began.

  • That is just awful. I hope he is going to have a big breakup, cause he only seems to write good music when something bad happens in his life. I love the guy to bits and i am jealous, but I seriously never expected a marriage out of all things for our precious Trent.

    • jimbo, air brushing MANY photographers use this, for sure at playboy.

      several ppl know how to manipulate pics.

      she is not shy about sharing her bad pics, but one can follow and see the changes.

      so sorry to bust your bubble.

  • she is too concerned with her looks.

    plastic surgery’s have long term effect. the boobs weigh so much, they start to sag, the skin in the area’s.

    in a few different pics, she sure looks pregnant.

    nursing would make the baby think there is so much more milk.
    besides, it sure doesn’t look like either are ready to jump into parenthood.

    looking at the pics of her and ten (frances ten leader of the band she used to try to find a place. they always look happy, yet i have seen no photos with tr and q which look at them happy, no smiles, not even on the engagement pics, wedding pic, each is looking away from the other, no smile, nor happiness, more like a barbie face, frozen in plastic. no animated expressions in her. sad, as she may have been pretty before but instead of working on outside, the woman needs to work on her inside.
    i wish i knew how to say it all to her, so she would listen and learn. and help her.