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Liza Minnelli Lindsay Lohan Doesn’t Need an Intervention


Lindsay’s parents continue to thrust and parry at one another (all through the media, natch!) while their daughter continues her decline.  The newest in the endless volumes of Lohan-gate surround Dina.  In response to Michael’s threat to stage an intervention for LL, Dina responded in a People interview:

Dina lashed back Saturday, telling PEOPLE: “Michael Lohan needs to focus on being a parent, paying child support, of which he is six months behind, and making up for all the years he was an absentee dad. And stop going on national television talking about his children publicly.”

Daddy Lohan won’t hear any of it and plans to try for a conservatorship so that he can have control over Lindsay’s life and business dealings.  He basically thinks he’s Jamie Spears.

A source told the magazine, “”Lindsay is actively getting a restraining order, her lawyer have already been contacted.  She’s scared. This is really serious.”

You know what I find really serious?  Reports that Linds was at the club Voyeur last night, making out with Balthazar “I’m Done With Sienna Miller” Getty.

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  • I love how she goes to People Magazine to chastise ML for “going on national television talking about his children publicly.” They were made for each other…

  • Translation: Michael Lohan wants what’s left of Lindsay’s money before she spends it all. No court would give a convicted felon, for financial fraud conservatorship of anyone’s money including his daughter. What color is the air on Senor Moneygrubbers planet? All he’s done by accusing her of being an addict again is kill any hope she has of getting any other acting gigs.

    He’s so transparent. Maybe Jaime Spears should do it, but certainly not a coke fiend felon dead beat dad. That made me laugh but Jaime or the bum panhandling would be more appropriate than that asshole father of hers.

  • Many types of expiration, sell-by or use-by date on this human container have been greatly violated without mummification.

  • Her legs have always boggled my mind and this pic really makes the case that even when she’s in stick figure mode..her legs are still freakin shapeless tree trunks.