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Miley Raps On Shutting Down Her Twitter

Yesterday Miley Cyrus put a video up on her YouTube account to clear up the rumors on why she shut down her Twitter account. While it was widely speculated that she quit the social networking site to please her boyfriend Liam Hemsworth, Miley says he has nothing to do with it. Simply put: She felt it was taking up too much of her time and just feeding the tabloids. Her choice to explain all of this through a rap is very… 1990 feeling. Couldn’t she have one of her band members whip up something a little more interesting than this?

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  • This video was incredibly stupid but I hope she keeps up with it.

    I don’t get the appeal of twitter. Why one would be compelled to tell people every nuance of their daily life is beyond me. Not enough hugs or attention as a child I guess.

  • …….ok like 5 days ago she was texting wearing emo shit and being slutty and now ….she says all of thats realy over in this song….i highly doubt she accualy gives a RATSASS about the song! :l. So its likely tomorow she’ll either do something dumb again like get high,get nude,have sex,killherself,make a fake story,or anything dramatic.

  • Did anyone else think this appeared to be a horrible, horrible attempt @ Natalie Portman’s brilliant SNL Rap skit??

  • She’s done trying to please, huh? Then why the hell would she take the time and energy to make some lame-ass rap about it? Just write a friggin note on your blog or whatever….

  • Thats pretty fucking funny she claims she didnt do it because her “friend” told her to, since the idiots last tweet was and I quote “FYI Liam doesn’t have a Twitter and he wants ME to delete mine with good reason.” and then she deleted, I am so sick of this fucking child. Sorry but she is really getting on my nerves!!

  • well if you ask me this stuff is just wack who really wants to know what ppl are doin in there lives its pretty much exalty what we do in our own lives just there famous and we are not get over the fact that there are famous ppl and stop worshiping them they dont really give two shits about you if you and miley were in an alley about to be killed i bet she would feed you in hopes that it would save her own life