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A New Generation Of Duggars Has Begun

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Well, here we mother fucking go again. The family that freaks me out more than anything, The Duggars, are continuing to expand at a rapid rate. The oldest son of Jim Bob and Michelle, Josh and his wife Anna have welcomed their first baby Mackynzie Renée Duggar, in to the world. And don’t forget that Michelle Duggar is pregnant right now too, so it’s gonna be one of those situations where little Mackynzie has an aunt or an uncle that’s younger than her. Those are always fun.

Josh, who I am pretty sure just got married so he could see what sex feels like, and his wife Anna delivered the baby at home with a midwife and a doula and according to a family friend, “Josh was excited to participate in the birth as well.” I mean, do these people not have access to television? Is that the problem?

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  • These Duggars should stop being rewarded for filling up the planet with even more people than we remotely need. Talk about taking the whole “be fruitful and multiply” thing to the way out extremes.

  • Um… I’m going to play devil’s advocate on this one. While I personally think it’s insane to have 18 children and another on the way, all of these children are incredibly well behaved, even when the fight they are nice, and they are debt free. True, they get paid for the TV show, but other than popping out a kid every 9 months, what’s the bid deal? They’re raising kind, thoughtful, loving human beings. And although my Uterus may disagree, I say Kudos to them.

    • Of course those kids are incredibly well behaved! They’ve been told they’ll go to hell if they do anything wrong. That’s how I was raised, so I was an angel but I was absolutely FUCKING PETRIFIED.

      • My family has many of the same convictions as the Duggars, as far as modest dress, kids, etc. I can only speak for us, but there is no fear of going to Hell if you do something wrong with my kids. It is not even ever brought up. We try to build character traits that God would have to possess, and benefit everyone around us. Heaven or hell have nothing to do with how we act or what we can do, so that is not part of the thinking when trying to raise kids to be the best they can be.

      • “The traits God would have to possess…” Such as jealousy, (self)righteousness, hypocrisy and being judgemental? That the God I’m familiar with from the Bible.

    • Not kudos to them, they are backwards and primitive, the women are stupid enough tthat their only accomplishment in this world is incubating white people, They are bigots in every aspect of the word, and on day you will see the men in office and all hell will break loose. If anyone wants to keep their freedoms that took years to fight for and finally won, then they would recognize trouble when they see it. These people are white supremists in their own quiet ways, and what a world it would be if they ran the country some day, it wouldn’t be a government anymore it would be an anarchy, with no legal women’s rights, no legal birth control, no legal gay relationships. One day everyone will see their dirty secrets and their dark side, I only hope it will not be too late. They need to be off of television, and put out of the media.

  • I have to say I think it’s strange and probably unhealthy to be popping out that many children, however….these people are harmless, they take care of themselves, they don’t go pimping out their children for freebies (cough*gosselins*) they are well behaved and in a world where we have lindsay lohan and miley cyrus, it’s almost refreshing to see this family sticking to what they believe is right…whether or not the majority of people agree with them.

    • What? They’re all ABOUT pimping out their kids. That’s what the show is. And they pay for their huge hospital bills with taxpayer dough. Jim Bop’s lifetime hookup ain’t free for anyone but him and his poorly mannered muppets.

  • One thing (among the many) that really irritated me about them is how they treat the boys and girls differently. On one special I somehow got sucked in to watching, one of the girls was describing how if a woman came on tv-during the rare times they get to watch tv-somewhat scantily dressed it was the girls responsibility to cover up the frickin’ screen until said woman was off the tube! Same if they were on the street and some hooker was approaching. The girls were to call out “Nike” and the boys would divert their eyes until the girls called all clear! Since when is it the girls fucking responsibility to make sure the boys are exposed to overtly sexual images!? Who’s protecting the girls from these “overt sexual presentations”?

    • Oh – I was just about to write a comment about that episode!! I could NOT believe what I was seeing!

      • I really like that episode. It is important to protect your children from those who are defrauding.

        It can be taken overboard, but it does need to be taught to the young boys and girls not to be sucked in to such behavior that the world views as acceptable.

  • The Duggars and the Goesslins can’t even be compared, except that they’re on t.v. If anyone should be having babies, it’s the Duggars, who are raising responsible, wonderful children.

  • Of course you can watch the home birth of this new Duggar on the show next week! They are actually going to air a very special episode showing the home birth on Tuesday. (People article claims)

    My heart goes out to that 18 year old girl who just birthed her first child doing it the natural way. With no epidural. Oy! I hope that baby had a small head.

    • I had my first baby at 17. Delivered by a midwife at a birthing center with no drugs. It was my choice, and at 35, I’m still glad I made that choice.

    • I think people just tend to believe it when docs tell you that they are necessary for a healthy birth. The reality is quite theopposite. “doctors”, who mostly don’t know jack about good medicine, just interfere . Tons of layouts say “oh I HAD to have intervention because I was high risk”. Yeah try getting second opinions. Most the time, the doc just wants to get to his lame ol country club for a scotch with the boys/bitches….where he/she will tell them all about you like it’s a funny story. So yeah women have had babies unassisted or with REAL OBs, aka midwives, for millenia. Don’t be o scared that you just say yes to whatever.
      /end rant/

  • Now let me play devils advocate. I live in Springdale, AR about twenty minuses from the Duggars, and drive by their house often as it is on the way to my grandparents house. I have never had an issue with the amount of kids they have. I did have issue with him running for election pushing his crazy strict biblical morals on me by use of flyers and phone calls. But things are not as they seem. Word around town is and has been for a very long time that Josh Duggar molested at least one of his younger brothers. Because Jim Bob has some clout in Washington County, it was all very hush hush and handled in family court. However, the boys all continued to sleep in one room and no counseling was given to the victims. This I do take issue with. I have never brought this up before because most posts about the Duggars refer to the family as a whole and not Josh himself.

  • They’re a bunch of crazy churchies and I think they’re terrifying. Reminds me of Village of the Damned or Children of the Corn or some shit like that. Yikes. Of course the oldest brother would’ve molested someone, they’re kept under strict lock and key and the poor bastard had to wait to get married to be able to do what nature (excuse me – GOD) intended. Bah, they’re all nuts.

    • wow that is offensive in so many ways. the molestation occurred when josh was twelve and to say that he did it because he was kept under lock and key is just sickening to me. i was raised mormon and had many friends raised under ‘lock and key’ and none of them molested their siblings. so are you saying that the molestation was justified because he couldn’t have a sexual experience at age twelve? if so then you are one sick, ignorant bastard.

      • Not that I am doubting what you have stated about the abuse. At all.

        How did anyone find out about the allege incident? Since the kids do not attend school or church outside of their home. How did anyone make the claim?

        The children seem to have very limited contact with anyone but each other. And I bet if it did happen those kids never tell again.

        Ole Jim Bob strikes me as a man who would make a point that none of the children ever got to chance to make a another claim of abuse.

      • I heard about it a long time ago from a friend i have in law enforcement who works for the Washington County court. I just heard that it happened and there was a huge cover up because of Jim Bobs political status. (He was on city council or something like that when the incident happened). I believe Josh was 12-14 when it happened so it’s now long covered up and I would not be surprised if all court documents pertaining to the case have been destroyed. I just asked my lil sister (shes 23) and she said she has heard a similar story but from the cousin of the Duggars who is often on the TLC show, she was a classmate and friend of my sister.

      • No, that’s not what I was meaning to convey necessarily. Given that children tend to mess around and are naturally curious – with them being home schooled and doing everything together in that large of a group – it just doesn’t surprise me. Especially when you throw religious extremism into the mix and the idea that sex is dirty and forbidden except for married sex for the purpose of procreation.. Again, it just doesn’t surprise me. My personal feelings regarding children and sex is that they are curious about their bodies and other children’s bodies and the more you tell them it’s wrong and dirty, the more curious they will be.

      • Where do you get the idea that the Duggars teach their kids sex is dirty??? It’s actually the opposite. They teach them that sex is beautiful and special and should be saved for whomever they marry. That’s not my thing…I wasn’t raised like that and am not raising my own kids like that but to say the Duggars teach their kids that sex is dirty is just flat-out wrong.

      • They teach them that Christian married sex without birth control is beautiful and special. I don’t think there needs to be that many qualifiers… and I think it’s either well implied or at least suggested that all other sex is dirty.

      • Molestation is high in the Mormon community so I have no clue what you are talking about! Check your records before you speak.

  • The problem that I am having with all of this, is that people have a problem with it. This has been going on for generations and generations, couples having 15-25 kids. The only difference with the Duggars is that they are on television for everyone to scrutinize. You wouldn’t even know that they existed had it not been for the media. It is no big thing, they are providing for their children and they live very well. I hope that they all have a happy and wonderful life!

    • People who aren’t whores deserve less scrutiny. that’s the way it works. So, just because one doesn’t know what’s going on in the families around this small world…that makes her exempt from her responsibility to those who cannot help themselves? Hm. Reprehensible.

    • without their reality show they would be raising their brood on the taxpayers tab, living off of welfare.

  • I’m really shocked the baby didn’t have the company of a mic and camera in the uterus, so it could call it’s own birth play by play for TLC. Gimme a break already! Shut that babymaker down Duggars!!

  • I really loved reading your blog. It was very well authored and easy to undertand. Unlike additional blogs I have read which are really not tht good. I also found your entries very interesting. In fact after reading, I had to go show it to my friend and he ejoyed it as well!

  • They are not raising a family, they are creating an army of chauvinistic pigs and bigots. (They’re just crafty enough to know how to cover it up using God) It’s only a matter of time until they are all involved in politics and one day they will run the country. It will no longer be a government but a new breed of anarchy. Then all hell will break loose. Imagine a life where being gay is outlawed, and birth control is outlawed, a world where women’s only purpose is to service men and fart out kids every nine months. I as a woman would rather be dead then live like that. So anyone who appreciates their current freedoms that they fought so hard for should do their best to rid television and the media of these pieces of shit.

  • If I watch creepy daddy Duggar suck his wife’s face off in front of his children one more time, I’ll puke. I think this is his way of showing dictation and ownership over his woman. It’s disgusting and perverse. Their is nothing pure and clean about watching the parents and their married children suck face with their spouses in front of each other and the cameras, like it’s their own little freaky creepy orgy. Pay attention viewers and research all of the details the viewers miss during these shows and see what really goes on.