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We Are Giving Away a Trip to Napa or Vegas Because We Love ‘The Proposal’


Sooooo, you guys, I am VERY EXCITED to announce a super awesome contest Evil Beet is doing in honor of the DVD release of The Proposal, starring Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds. We are giving away a trip for two to either Napa Valley or Las Vegas to the winner of our latest contest. The trip will include domestic airfare and two nights’ stay in the location of your choice. This is VERY VERY AWESOME and we’re SO PUMPED to get to give this prize to one of you.

What’s the contest? Here it is in legalese:

To enter: Send an email to with your first and last name, age, email address and postal mail address (including Zip Code) and include in the email your own original true story in English, in 500 words or less, about the best, funniest most unusual marriage or romantic commitment proposal you’ve had. Each story must be entrant’s own original creation, executed solely by entrant and may not have won any other award. Stories may not have been published previously. Modifying, enhancing or altering a third party’s preexisting work does not qualify as entrant’s original creation.

So, basically, you send in your funniest or bestest original proposal story. I specifically requested the language about “romantic commitment” because I’m of the opinion that just because your state doesn’t think you can legally marry doesn’t mean you can’t win my contest. So this is open to “opposite marriage” as well as same-sex proposal stories. Unfortunately, it is not open to contestants outside of the US or under the age of 18. Because of the value of the prize, there are a bunch of uber-legal rules here. PLEASE READ THE RULES CAREFULLY because we have to follow them to a T. Like, for instance, if you don’t include your ZIP code in your submission, we can’t consider it. So please please read the rules. The contest will be judged by me as well as members of my harem over here at RealNetworks. So sending me amazing bribes won’t guarantee you a win. You will have to send all of us amazing bribes. (Contact me for a full list of mailing addresses of judges … kidding.)

The contest starts immediately, it ends on October 26, and the winner will be announced around November 9.

Let’s give a great big THANK YOU to Disney and The Proposal for being the inspiration behind this contest and this awesome opportunity for you guys. All together now: “Thank you Disney and The Proposal.”

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  • My husband wants to know if he can make up the proposal he should have given me and send that in. Haha!
    I told him not to worry about it. Luckily we live within driving distance of both Napa and Vegas…

  • I just watched this movie on a flight. I thought it was hilarious which goes to show you not to pay attention to the reviews. The reviews I saw gave it a thumbs down but I loved it.

  • my proposal from a friend went like this:

    “will you come to my hotel room? they switched out the matress and now the bedbugs are gone for sure…uh, do you need a diamond ring or something first? ya wanna get married? do you like to smoke pot? so, then i guess it’s a now to the hotel room.”

    i declined his offer. we are still friends, but not as friendly as he would wish.

  • I was involved in match-making relationship via parental guidance. The young womans uncle picked LaGuardia International Airport for the affair. I had money for breakfast and identification of an 8-yr. old. I probably was late and could not keep quiet,because I had money. Well shure enough for the whole group got to pass thje buffet-line and I watched. And believe it or not…yes I met Cathy! Cathy’s group decided to take an Airplane ride. I said no,It’s my money! There is a helicopter tour of the sky-line, just the two of us? OK? Trying to get rid of her friends. Note: 50 yrs. old now and I got a few “proposal” on the side. Please immediatly draw this entry for a Las-Vegas Airplane trip 4 two,when there is so much family tagging along!