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First Five Minutes Of The Princess And The Frog! BAM!

The first five minutes of Disney’s newest animated film The Princess And The Frog has been released online and it looks adorable. Personally, I prefer this style Disney cartoon over a lot of the fancy schmancy Pixar stuff they’ve been doing lately. There’s something to be said for the classics, and beside, I can’t even see 3D because I was born with a lazy eye. Whatever, I’m not extremely curious and slightly bitter or anything.

Also, one cool thing about this video above is that it’s not fully colored yet, and toward the end it flashes back and forth between completed and not-so-completed footage. It’s pretty fascinating to see, even if you’re not the kind of grown ass person who thoroughly enjoys a good animated family comedy like myself.

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  • That looks amazing!! Wonder when it’s out in the UK :)
    Disney should stick to the good stuff like this and Beauty and the Beast and stop making rubbish like Hannah Montana – leave the kids to WATCH Disney, and PRETEND to be in the dream, not part of a tv show (where their acting is shocking – because they’re so young)!
    Classic Disney is my vote please xx

  • I LOVE IT!!!!!!! My big, overgrown, cartoon-loving ass will be front and center with my 6 year old niece (my decoy for going to see this movie as my ten yr old son is not in the least bit interested…yet), snacking on popcorn and gummi bears, totally in awe, I can assure you. Ahhh, It’s the little things in life….

  • It would have much more progressive and interesting had the children and their families changed places.

  • Absolutely adorable… But something tells me the parents are goners. Kinda like Bambi. And I’m already sad!

  • I cried with the first 5 minutes, so i guess im taking lots of kleenex with me when i go watch it… I loved it!!! it’s been awhile since disney’s came up with something as nice as this, i’m so escited to go see it!!!

  • Don’t diss Pixar! Pixar’s is awesome (except for Cars), it’s other companies doing CGI that can’t compare

    I hope one day Disney comes out with a animated movie again with really traditional drawings with a darker undertone like Sleeping Beauty and Sword in the Stone

    • I’m going to school for animation haha I’ll make sure when I’m super famous and work for disney to send them your message XD

      I’m kidding of course, but that is the style of animation which I like the most.