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“I think my acting is offensive!  I’m an awful actor, I’m not super comfortable with it. In fact I was just trying to do lines … and they’ll tell you, I cannot memorize lines.”

Lauren Conrad finally admits that she’s a talentless slob in front of the camera, at last night’s LC Lauren Conrad Kohl’s launch party.  She also confirmed that she will not be playing the starring role in the movie based on her book L.A. Candy.

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    • HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! C, you’re funny! If you consider her talented, I hate to think what you are(n’t) capable of!

  • She always poses the same. Am I the only one that notices this? You could cut her head off and paste it over any other picture and it’s the same pose and face. Ugh…she bugs me. Aaaaaaaand her smile is always creepy.

  • Did anyone NOT know that this show was faker then Heidi and Audrina’s Boobs?

    Seriously I am still trying to wonder why Stacie “The Bartender” is still on the show? Did anyone else notice her with Kristin and Justin Bobby at lunch together?

    I hate this show but at the same time love watching it. It gives me something to write about on our blog. lol

    • Something about him annoys the hell out of me. I don’t even know who he is but that comment made me LAUGH! Thanks for that.

  • see the thing is.. in date movie? she was horrible but in the hills she wasnt so much. so that was the only thing that made me believe it was somewhat real. but maybe it was just that its dramatic, and shes not good at comedy. yup thats it.