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Disney Prepares To Replace Depp in the Next Pirates Installment


If the fact that the last two installments in the Pirates of the Caribbean series sucking wasn’t enough to push Johnny Depp away from the franchise, the exit of Disney head Dick Cook is. Rumor has it that Depp is so perturbed by Cook’s departure that he no longer wants to play Capt. Jack Sparrow and despite the negative response from fans on the idea of moving on without him, Disney is now looking around for a replacement.

While the studio is willing to offer Depp any amount of money to stay on, the actor isn’t exactly known for being flexible when it comes to his morals, so other possibilities for the part of the pirate that Depp made famous must be considered. Suggestions being thrown around on include James Franco (swoon), Ryan Gossling and Rob Pattinson, however I’m not so sure that any of these actors have the chops to fill Depp’s shoes. Personally, I think it would be foolish to attempt a replacement at this point, but I’m no studio exec.

Who do you deem worthy of taking over Depp’s role, if anyone?

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  • I would be okay with it if maybe they were doing like a ‘young’ capt. sparrow or whatever.. idk…
    why cant they just stop while they’re (not) ahead? ugh….

    • i agree. if they did “young capt jack” i would maybe be ok with james franco. he could probably pull it off. rob pattinson would be an epic fail as capt jack and i say that as a HUGE rob pattinson fan. i dont think he could play that part.

  • Disney is not one to let the star leaving kill a franchise… they will beat this into the ground… if replacing, James Franco is great choice…Gerald Butler is also.

  • They need a whole new pirate. Otherwise, would the new Jack Sparrow be doing an imitation of Johnny Depp doing an imitation of Keith Richards? How about going in a different direction – Russell Crowe, Sean Connery, Jack Black, Jackie Chan?

  • hmm well no doubt its a terrible idea but if they need a replacement with no morals i’m sure johnny knoxville would be happy to fill the pirates booty. I’ve Noticed alot of similarities in some more of their campy film choices (john waters is a god) so who knows maybe some eyeliner and bad hair extensions could bring this to fruition.

  • russell brand reminds me of a pirate. I’ve never seen a movie that he’s in but feel like he IS a modern day jack sparrow – all crazy, swearing and drinking and such.

  • i hate all three of those actors. james franco SUCKS.

    seriously, why are they even continuing? will and elizabeth are married and NO ONE CARES ANYMORE. The only reason I saw the last two was Johnny Depp, and if he’s gone, I’m gone.

  • Replace? Johnny Depp? No effing way.

    Nobody can replace Johnny Depp. They want the franchise to continue (but why?), they should create a new character. It’s not like James Bond, where the franchise is more or less invincible (hell, it survived Tim Dalton).

  • Much as I love Johnny Depp, even I couldn’t sit through the last movie. It’s done. You can’t replace him. Might as well try to make a “Titanic” sequel.

  • So tired of Pirates already! Enough. Last one was long and boring. I don’t care who’s in it- I’m not seeing it.

  • I agree with LilDi, last movie was very long and quite boring, I kinda forced myself to watch it, just because I’m an admirer of Johnny Depp. And it’ll be such a nasty trick to make a “flashback” movie, with a young captain Sparrow. >:(

  • While the idea of Pirate’s going on without Johnny Depp makes me cringe, I’d pay to see Robert Downey Jr. take a stab at Jack Sparrow.

    Oh, for sure.

  • i guess if they feel the need to continue, why not just move orlando up to the lead and bring him a new sidekick.

    • Sounds like a pretty good idea. Then bring in someone humorous (not in Depp’s characteristic way, but who puts a different spin on the pirate character). Franco would be an interesting choice -and maybe I’m only saying that because I’m a huge fan. Hayden Christensen possibly, since he’d make an adorable swashbuckler, but his demeanor is too similiar to Bloom’s on second thought.

      Or if they wanted to go way out of the ballpark and turn this nightmare into a spoof, they could totally bring Andy Samberg or one of his brilliant Lonely Island members. THAT is something I would watch. Otherwise, not so much.

  • Lol I love Johnny but I still didn’t want to see a 4th installment of this DEAD series…thank goodness now I really won’t have to. ^^

  • let’s just go with a different direction, and put jason stathom and ryan rynolds in it. and have them take their shirts off.

  • The whole point of these films is Johnny Depp – he’s the crux of them, everyone else is just window dressing. Yes the last two were long and rambling, but he remained sexy throughout – lord knows what the plot was… I went to see Depp stagger about with eyeliner on. That is all.

  • I watched that movie bc of depp. He was absolute genous in it not to mention sexy beyond anything… The only ppl i can imagine taking his place are collin farrel as someone else mentioned but not as a new sparrow but as a different pirate, or mcconaughey just cuz i think hes sexy as hell n i think he’d make e funny potsmoking hippie-type pirate. Oh and he must be topless at all times of course. THAT i’d go see. Otherwise that movie is dead to me!

  • Definitely Russel Brand. If he could perfect the accent, he’d do well. Although….I wonder why it’s essential to have a brand name actor? For finding someone to emulate the character, there are thousands of Jack Sparrow impersonators, some of which I have seen are amazing!

  • I personaly dont think that they should have Capt. Jack Sparrow at all without Mr. Depp. Why not go and do a movie on Jack Sparrow’s dad. He looked intriguing.

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