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John Travolta Testifies


John Travolta appeared in a Bahamian courtroom today and testified in the extortion trial of an EMT and a former senator who tried to extort $25M from the Travolta family following the death of Jett Travolta.

With wife Kelly Preston in the courtroom, Travolta recounted the details of what happened on the day Jett died.  A nanny alerted Kelly and John that Jett was ill.  They went downstairs to discover a caretaker doing chest compressions on their son.  Travolta immediately aided in the CPR, but to no avail.

Travolta also testified that Jett was autistic and suffered from seizures every five to 10 days.  After suffering a seizure, he’d typically sleep for 12 hours.

Finally, the truth comes out!  Though the reference to autism was indicated on Jett’s medical documents, this is the first time John Travolta has openly and verbally admitted this.  I didn’t think Scientologists even recognized autism.  I’ve tried to research this, but the most I can gather is that Scientologists believe mental illnesses and disorders are psychosomatic and can be dealt with through spiritual healing.

It’s too late now, but I can’t help but wonder if there was a medication that could have helped to control this kid’s seizure disorder.  Many of you know that I feel strongly about the topic of Autism Spectrum Disorders.  It feels really easy to blame the Travolta’s for not acknowledging their son’s condition, but what good does blame do now?  Their son is gone.  And that is so. Sad.

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  • I don’t know that autism has anything whatsoever to do with seizure disorder. I also don’t know if Scientologists are banned from taking medication for physical disorders. I know they have a huge problem with psychiatry and psychiatric medications, but seizure meds- I don’t know. There are a lot of different medications, but a small percentage of people have seizures with or without meds. I don’t know if they never tried him on medication or if he was one of the unfortunate ones for whom it didn’t work.
    There are several religions that ban or restrict use of traditional medicine. Scientology is not alone in that. (Not that I am trying to defend Scientology, I think the whole thing is rather, ahem, odd.)

  • Yes, their son is gone and that’s the saddest thing of all. I couldn’t imagine enduring anything even remotely similar with my daughter or any of my future children. However, I have to say that I do feel, yes, had this family done more along the medication line, perhaps this child would be alive. All of you who are sole believers in “natural” medicine and homeopathic remedies and faith healing; you can crucify me if you’d like. It is what it is.

  • I know there was info about the medicin Jet took at the time of death, I think it was something about changing sort and also that he took the meds and still had alot of seizure anyway and that his doctor told them to stop with them since they didn’t help. It was something like that if I don’t remember wrong.

    (sorry about my spelling I know its bad so no need to point it out).

  • A lot of people who have seizure disorders and take anti-seizure medications still have seizures. It is a fine tuned balancing act to find and keep the correct level of meds in the bloodstream.

  • Autism is a treatable condition. I have a healthy and intelligent 6 year old son who is living life to the fullest. He was diagnosed with Autism and a seizer condition at the age of 2. The Dr. told us our son would need long term care and we should prepare for a long road ahead. My wife and I have made it our lives mission to help our son. We started speech therapy, physical therapy, medication (for the seizers) chiropractic care, gluten free diets, prayers (lots of them) and everything else you can image. If you met our son today you would have no idea he was ever diagnosed with Autism. I can’t help but think that Jon Travolta would have been a great spokesman for the Autism movement. We need more public conversations about this issue. Celebrities like Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carrie have really stepped to the plate and have become the voices for those who cannot speak for themselves and are lost in a world I hope everyone reading this never has to enter.

  • Off topic, but that is the first picture (legit posed) I have seen of their daughter. Such a pretty girl with great hair.

  • Scientology openly opposes anti-seizure medication. John Travolta’s brother, while on decent terms with John’s family, has said for many years that Jett was not receiving appropriate medical care because of their religion. I don’t blame the Travoltas, I blame Scientology. It is not a religion; it is positively a cult. The more research one does the clearer this is.

    • Word! Scientology is a cult all the way. They brainwash the hell out of people, I know quite a few scientologists. The more into the “Science” they get, they lose more & more of reality.

  • I believe The Travolatas did everything in their power for their son. Just like any of us would.
    They don’t seem like the kind of people that would succum to brainwashing!
    Let them grieve in peace without any nasty comments!!

  • We have NO idea what the Travolta family did or did not do for their son. All we can do is speculate. Everybody’s body chemistry is different and what works for you or your child might not work for another.

    Another thing, Jenny McCarthy is full of misinformation particularly when it comes to vaccinations. Does it appear that she want’s to spread the word about supporting Autism? Yes, and that is important but she needs to educate herself because her ignorance can be damaging in the overall scheme of things. Oh, Wakefield was and is a corrupted liar. His research was fueled by personal motives. Autism is not a disease of the gut.