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This Kills Me

Oh, how this pains me.  You all know that I’m not a huge fan of Beyonce’s — molls is a die-hard fan and I really wish this story broke while she was still working — but you have to watch this.  Last night, after Kanye acted like the biggest asshole in the universe, Beyonce won Video of the Year and turned over her acceptance speech time to Taylor Swift so that she could have her moment.  I begrudgingly admit that Beyonce was a true class act.  I searched far and wide for a quality clip that didn’t involve the camera cutting to Perez, but I failed.  As an aside, Lady Gaga looks like a fantasy danish.

Kanye was supposed to perform but his time was scrapped.  It’s all rumor at this point, but people on Twitter were saying that he was escorted to the door.  Oh, how I hope that is true.  People reports that Kanye did post an apology to Taylor on his blog.  I didn’t see it there this morning, but People would never lie to me, so it must be true.  I’m sure it read something like:  “TAYLOR I’M SORRY BUT BEYONCE IS THE BEST AND YOU ARE IRRELEVANT”

Katy Perry may have summed it up best on Twitter last night:  “FUCK U KANYE. IT’S LIKE U STEPPED 0N A KITTEN.”

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  • Well, at least we now know why Kanye’s mother died… it broke her heart when she finally realized what a complete douche-tard her son had become. Sad as it is, people love a repentant celebrity. Hopefully people and the music industry will boycott this asswart and suffer him no longer.

      • Yeah, I am an asshole. But truth be told, Im a loveable asshole! Btw, just when I thought Kanye couldn’t get any douchier, he got douchier. he is now blaming his stunt on his past grief because of his moms death. Geez…. its a sad fact, but most of us either has, or will bury their parents. Circle of life kinda thing…. most of us deal with it & don’t piss on a young lady’s accomplishment. So… nuff said here!

  • Kanye had NO right to get up on that stage, and take the microphone away from someone who had just won an award. The awards are voted for by the fans, not a judging panel – and Swift was who they voted for.

    If Kanye had kept his cool and behaved like a normal human being, he would have seen in all due time Beyonce would get her prize, the best prize of the year.

    Just because you’re famous doesn’t mean you can act however you please.

    Beyonce is one classy lady. Props to her!

  • Ten bucks says Beyonce’s handlers “suggested” to her that she pull Taylor Swift up on stage and let her give her thank you speech so that Beyonce herself wasn’t pulled into all the Kanye hate that’s going on now. Way to dodge a bullet, Beyonce.

    • Taylor stepped out from backstage in a matching dress, already holding her own microphone. She didn’t come out of the audience.

      What I’m saying is, MTV/Viacom “suggested” it.

      • she was going to perform, thats why she came out from backstage.. and the matching dresses “theory” is just incredibly stupid.

    • I’d like to believe that celebrities are capable of being thoughtful and sincere. Why is it that just because a celebrity does something nice for someone, the credit goes to her “handlers” or it was something that they were “forced” to do? So I’m going to go ahead and give Beyonce the benefit of the doubt. Kudos to her for being so classy about this entire situation.

    • even if Beyonce’s handlers didnt tell her to do it, it was pretty much obvious that she was going to, because otherwise she would be getting the other half of the hate that kanye is getting… i thought she looked flattered when kanye got on stage so she dindnt really care for sweet taylor

  • To me, Beyonce had that smile that was both flattered and still shocked and horrified, like when the bag boy at the grocery store tells you you’ve got a *great* rack . . . ;) I don’t know if her “handlers” forced her to do that, nor do I care, but the gesture brought tears to my eyes. Her handlers didn’t orchestrate that response from the crowd, so I’ll give Beyonce the benefit of the doubt here. Nice to see just a smidgen of class from a few people on the show.

  • The best way to get pay back and humble this fascist self-ruling idiot to near normal is in his pocket book! Empty it by ignoring him forever more. He’ll have to turn to LiLo or Britneys’ dad for any mercy.. heh

  • So he did a mistake… Come on, nothing very serious. After the Chris Brown’s case, I can’t be too mean against somebody unless he has done something really wrong and outrageous.
    And I know Taylor Swift is huge over there, but I don’t agree on this prize. You belong with me ? Best video ? It sucks ! She’s cute and all, but this video could have been made by any high-school pupil, so sickly sentimental. Kanye had no right to ruin her moment, but he doesn’t deserve jail either.

    On the other hand, what REALLY bothers me if MTV ! I live in Europe and they are “unable to offer this video to our region”. Grrrr.

    • it doesn’t matter what you think… the majority of fans voted for her video.. and thats not even the point, he was a major prick to do that..
      oh, and hitler killed hundreds of people, but i’m still shocked when i hear someone killed only one.. the chris brown argument is just idiotic

      • You are right, she deserved this award if people voted for her. But when I read people getting as mad with Kanye (which was “only” extremely rude) as they did with Chris Brown (lots of people said, here and on other blogs, that it was as awful as Chris Brown), I can’t agree. And your comparison is more idiotic than mine. I was talking about two mediatic cases. You are saying that what Kanye did = what Chris Brown did (Hitler killing / any murderer). Kanye did not hurt anyone… Taylor might be sad and I’m sorry for her but she wasn’t hurt.

        Maybe because I didn’t see the video I can’t understand the situation, but Kanye was just stupid, not the worst person on earth.

        And giving my opinion on the video… well that’s the all point of posting a comment, give one’s own personal opinion.

      • “You are saying that what Kanye did = what Chris Brown did”

        WTF?! When did say that?!
        Of course it’s not the same!! But just because it wasn’t as awful as Chris Brown’s case, doesn’t mean it wasn’t incredibly WRONG!

        And giving my opinion on your comment… well that’s the all point of replying, give another one’s own personal opinion.

  • What Beyoncé did was really classy, and Taylor was literally about to cry when she went on stage. It was asbsolutely cute :).

    Everyone’s saying that Lady Gaga’s performance was insane (in a bad way), “the blood and all that stuff were too much”, but I really loved it. I think it was pretty artistic, and actually pretty fierce. Now THAT is what I call fierce. Anyone agree? :)

  • What’s ridiculous is he got up there and did that because she won the female video award but beyonce won overall video of the year! Like… people clearly liked her video, it doesn’t mean nobody else had a good one. In taking away taylor’s moment he ALSO took away Beyonce’s. He never thinks, he’s so disrespectful.

    • Who is the moron that writes for that site? It being a set-up, what a stupid fucking notion. Even if it were a set-up like that idiot says, Taylor wasn’t in on it, so we are right back to square one. That set-up argument is only good in dragging more people into the awful event that was utterly disrespectful to T.S.

      Do you think MTV would want to be complicit in something that is so horribly wrong, especially when it is done to someone as young and sweet as T.S. is?
      Even the people at MTV aren’t that retarded.

      I do not like T.S.’s music at all. But what I think doesn’t matter, and neither does Kanye’s fucking psychotic ramblings. She has her fans, she lives her life, and doesn’t harm anyone.

      Kanye is lower than fly shit!

  • I wish the story broke when molls was working as well…
    I wish all stories broke when Beet, molls or Kelly is working…
    Can’t always get what we wish for I suppose.

  • Taylor had no clue and you could tell she was frightened of him, he was a drunk, angry black man who grabbed the mic out of her hand and turned his back on her, and proceeded to humiliate her. She was in shock as she was lead off stage, nobody is that good of an actress, it was real and horrible to watch.

    Everyone is entitled to their opinion of why this happened, no matter what the reason, it was terrible to watch — and I’ll never watch it again, or tivo it later either – I’m so done with MTV – and Kanye who’s turned into some sort of caricature instead of a man.

    I’m sure MTV is happy it happened because every blog and magazine will carry the story for days, it’s a win for MTV and certainly Beyonce was very gracious, and that good will goes a long way too. Katy Perry summed it up best.

      • And when Kanye calls conservatives “White Devils”….it couldn’t just be “Devils”?

        If there is one thing on this planet that can be described as always “perpetuating itself” it is “hatred”.

        Kanye got the ball rolling and now it’s coming right back at him.

        “What goes around comes around”. How many times have we heard that?

  • I agree about Kanye being an asshole because that isnt exactly newly discovered news, its apart of his PR and persona basically but I felt like MTV didn’t give the awards based on who actually deserved them this year. Did the fans really vote for all of the winners for the awards? I thought it was only for New Artist which Gaga easily won.

    But Eminem and Britney Spears ( I know you guys are Britney stans… so don’t hate me) winning in their respective categories… not right at all. Seemed like MTV was trying to make up to those people for them basically dissing them on previous shows. (Them putting someone’s balls in M&Ms face and totally embarrassing Britney with the jokes and her opening their show with a horrible performance.)

  • And did anyone notice that they claimed Britney was on tour last night? Wiki said she didn’t have a show on Sept 13th. Her next concert isn’t even listed until the 15th. They showed her with costumes on and everything on. So either it was from the previous nights show and she already knew she was going to win or someone lied. Maybe they added a show on the 13th?

  • He’s a fuckin punk ass thug wanna be. No talent racist son of a bitch! I’m ashamed to be from the same state. If he’s not an “N” word (I’m being polite) nobody is! He gives black people a bad name. And I AM BLACK! PULL UP YOUR PANTS AND BE HUMANS!

  • I hadn’t seen either video before, and I just watched Taylor’s winning video.
    there is no reason to shut that girl down, my goodness.
    And Beyonce’s gesture was super classy, for sure.

  • I like Beyonce. She’s young but she’s been around for awhile and she’s used to either winning or losing and I’m sure she remembers how she felt the first time she won. I can’t watch the video because I’m Canadian (xenophobes!!!!) but I want to believe that Beyonce is a class act.

    And regardless of who should’ve won and who did and didn’t win, Kanye’s actions were just inexcusable. Grown-ups don’t act that way.

  • Yea it was very much for real, my friend and I attended the vmas as a seat filler, she was sitting behind him. She said he was complaining about it the whole time how everyone was overreacting and he was just being real.