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Jennifer Aniston is Taking a Break From Acting


Jennifer Aniston announced to Fox News this week that she’s going to be taking a break from acting. Well, a small break, anyway. Aniston claims that she’s putting her acting career to the side so she can concentrate on her other passion, failing at romantic relationships producing. Although her flick with Gerard Butler, The Bounty, just wrapped, the star already has her plate full with an assortment of films she’ll be working on from the other side of the camera for her company Echo. Don’t worry, Rachel fans! Aniston will totally be back to work as an actress as soon as the new year starts, as both of her passions will be meeting when she produces and stars in The Goree Girls this January, a musical set in the 1940s about a group of female prison inmates*.

*Yes, I’m totally serious. And yes, she says she’ll be singing in the film.

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  • Don’t forget to mention her other film called “The Baster” — about a woman who inseminates herself with a turkey baster.
    I wish I was joking.

  • I believe there is already another musical about a group of female prison inmates…”Chicago”, I think it’s called?
    Do we REALLY need another one? Psh.

  • George Clooney has been divorced once and can’t stay with a woman for more than a few years. He’s getting older, seems to have no intention to have kids and seems to enjoy his perpetual bachelorhood.

    So why the sense that Jen is pitiable because she does the same thing? Maybe because no one will respect her or her future men if they keep being younger and younger than she? Because Brad got seduced by Angelina? I hear he’s not the sharpest knife in the kitchen anyway. To say nothing of being a pot head (or does smoking hash somehow belong in a different category?).

    Jen has a great career, works as much as she likes,is rich, embodies the epitome of good health and grooming and seems to be much loved by her friends. This doesn’t look like any kind of failure to me.

  • I would like to know how much did you get from Angelina to write this article?

    I guess Angie can sleep in peace. Jen’s being lonly or failing in relationships is mentioned one more time!!!
    She is busy in Kenya promoting her new movie right now.

    Do you think any of you can write anything about Jen without labeling her as a looser? Does it mean you will loose alot of money too?
    But at least you can win America’s trust? I am not even a Jen’s fan but it really bothers me how media tries to suck up to Brangelina!

  • I have been an Aniston fan forever it seems, and will continue to be as long as she chooses to be in movies. I have never been a Jolie fan, even before she hooked up with Pittstain…Im glad that Jen was with Brad when he was a hot looking stud, and now he just looks old and tired, thats what happenes when you take on more than you can handle way too fast. AJ has sucked all the life out of Brad, but since hes a cheater, he deserves whatever he gets. Jen is living her life the way she wants..kudos to her.

  • I only have to see a picture of Jennifer Aniston to know that the blog following it will make at least one nasty remark about her “failed love life.” What has she had, TWO whole relationships since getting divorced (Vince Vaughan and John Mayer) in almost five years? She always looks pretty happy to me, no matter how mean the photo caption. There are definitely men with longer strings of failed relationships, but for some reason everyone’s always trying to throw Jen a catty pity party about something that doesn’t actually seem to bother her all that much.