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Lil Wayne is Buckwild

I don’t know if any of you had the privilege of catching this season’s premiere of Behind the Music on VH1 (yup, they’re still making that show!) or not, but the episode was all about one of my favorites, Lil Wayne. Check out this clip and let me know if you think he’s as hilarious as I do.

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    • Thank you CrunkmasterK!
      How is it that a writer cannot spell?
      I assume you get paid to do so,
      and you can’t be bother to spell-check your work?
      Lay-Zee! LOL!

  • I saw that this was on the other night, then checked to see who it was about. How depressing is it that “Lil’ Wayne” (fucking DUMB) is what they consider music… so much so that they’ll devote a time slot to showcase the bullshit behind his “music”. So very tragic and sad what music has become now…

    Oh, and you grammar nazis are a bunch of dipshits. Just an fyi.

    • I agree w/ you about the grammar nazis! They are all really are silly to me.
      And also about it being sad that this is what music has become. But I actually watched this the other night & it was pretty interesting!

  • Lil Wayne isnt the best rapper alive. That would be Nas. He would be the second best. ppl always critique rap, but know nothing about it. Wayne and Lauren London ( so frickin gorgeous btw) just had their baby boy Lennox Samuel Ari Carter 7lbs 120z!

  • don’t get me wrong i like rap, but the shit this guy spews out is crap. i don’t understand why this guy has blown up to the status he has but its complete bullshit. there are so many other talents in the industry who are ignored because the record industry insists on the public to listen to the dumbest bullshit and try to call it music.

  • No one watched the free 911 Benefit concert Jay Z did on the 11th? That concert was amazing… I totally prefer Jay Z over Lil Wayne. Best Rapper Alive? yea, right…

  • I don’t like Lil wayne.. I think he’s fucking ugly, he sounds like he’s high all the time (which he probably is.. i know..) and his music totally sucks..

    Now that i know he lost his virginity at 11, was doing coke at 11 and all that shit, it just pretty much proves that he’s a fucking idiot.

    By the way, the best rapper alive would be Eminem, thank you very much.