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New Tokio Hotel Music Video – Automatic

I’ve heard the name Tokio Hotel mentioned a few times, so when I heard they had a new music video, I thought I’d check it out. Three and a half minutes (and a lot of androgynous eyeliner later) I’m  feeling a little sick to my stomach thinking about the budget required to make this piece of trash.

Is this awful? Cuz this looks awful to me. Like, This is Spinal Tap awful– with robots making out  in a giant, post-apocalyptic slinky dump instead of dwarfs dancing around tiny Stonehenge.

But then, I’m not exactly in the loop, as the kids say.

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  • Tokyo Hotel has been around for years, it was shit, it’s shit and it will be shit until the (happy) day they decide to disband. Oh, why Germany, oh why. The whole of Europe hates you even a bit more now.

  • I love Tokio Hotel! This video wasn’t that great but the song is really good. I’m sooo excited for their new album in October.

  • I liked ‘monsoon’ and thats really the only other song I have ever heard from TH. This is why I dont watch music videos, they are usually incredibly stupid.

  • i spent the whole video trying to figure out why the shim was dancing like it had to pee and why they kept using the same close up shot of it driving…maybe to save money for the shots of horny robots?

  • i´m from germany. believe me, A LOT of hate greets them here. they´re pathetic for all i care. pls let them die of a hairspray overdose or accidentally eyeball piercing with their guyliner…

  • i’m from austria and lots of us hate them here…not more different than what “barf” said..^^ Luckily the TH-hype is pretty much gone, so i don’t have to listen to them or see them anymore 24/7
    they’re such weirdos and it’s completely incomprehensible to me that they actually hit it big in the U.S. – or did they ?

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  • The video stinks, the song is alright, but not what you’d expect.
    They dress and look kind of different but their songs (listened to several on You Tube) are rather bland. Not impressed.

  • Let’s face it. Name three good bands that Germany has given the world in the past 30 years? They make fucking good schnitzel, but when it comes to music, they blew their music wad on Classical. After that; no thanks, fraulein.

  • ENOUGH, PEOPLE! Are your lives soooo miserable and difficult that you have to slam a band who is actually pretty different (in a GOOD way) and loves and appreciate their fans? I’m sorry, but you must be as smart as Kanye Shit for Brains West if you think that they are bad. And that isn’t saying much, if you didn’t get that little itty bitty jab. They sing against suicide, children disappearing, lovers becoming enemies, etc. Name TEN other bands who do all that, geniuses. So go pout in your corners and continue listening to screamo and/or hip-hop. Because rapping about the bitches and da money is SO unique and original.

    • OMG…..THAT WAS THE BEST COMMENT ON TOKIO HOTEL I HAVE EVER READ……*stands up, starts clapping while crying tears of joy* and exactly ppl just dont like the fact that a band made up of 4 EXTREMELY hot GERMAN STRAIGHT guys who have actual meaning in their lyrics are very much loved by ppl who KNOW GOOD MUSIC and are not convinced by any means that “yo yo yo that bitch is fine as hell” are lyrics that can tell a story..because that’s what Tokio Hotel’s lyrics do…they tell stories….but unfortunatley, who have to be intelligent to actually understand the story that they are telling. Good for TH and I hope they KEEP selling out concerts for their “Welcome to Humanoid City” tour.

  • Awww thanks :) I was just getting so sick and tired of hearing the whining and bitching of close-minded individuals who think that Tokio Hotel is bland, weird, boring, blah blah blah, but are really just envious of the success this band has achieved while still remaining true to who they are as musicians and human beings. They genuinely APPRECIATE their fans, which is a rarity when it comes to musicians and/or bands.

  • hey i love T.H and they do have meaning so to all the haters who dnt like it go suk a crok k this is a very good song and i am completly 100% with jakie n sam so to all the haters shut up,get a life,and go suk on ur toes for all i care im a musican and trust me its pretty damn hard to do wat they did at such an age SO ********* LAAAA LAAAAA

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