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Who’s Telling The Truth: Jayde Nicole or Joe Francis?


The Jayde Nicole vs. Joe Francis battle is heating up and now even more evidence is coming in. Jayde shared a link on her Twitter last night to the 911 calls that were placed at Guys and Dolls by two separate people, one a man and one a woman. The calls don’t sound like they were made by Brody or Jayde, but the person on the phone seems desperate to have a sheriff come down so they can press charges.

While quite a bit of news supporting Joe’s claim that he did not hit Jayde and that she’s exaggerating the entire incident (such as security camera footage from the bar), Jayde is still maintaining that she was attacked and has been complaining on her Twitter that she’s in a great deal of pain still and even had to miss her boyfriend’s birthday.

So, in light of recent domestic violence stories in the news and keeping in mind that we’re dealing with a trio of famewhoring nobodies, who do you think telling the truth?

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  • My dislike for Joe Francis is pretty much canceled out by my dislike for Brody Jenner and whoever this bimbo is, so I have to go by the evidence provided; video evidence is pretty tough to beat.

  • I am going to assume that none of you know Jayde Nicole or Brody Jenner personally, so what exactly makes you label her a bimbo or a whore?! Could it be that you loathe your own lives and feel the need to criticize and slam others to feel better about yourself. HAS ANY OF YOU SEEN THE TAPES?! WERE ANY OF YOU AN EYE WITNESS! Myopics should really speak about what they know, it takes up a lot less space in this world! Joe Francis DOES exploit women. Joe Francis DOES rape women! And now Joe Francis is confident enough to add beating women in public to his disgusting repetoire. Jayde Nicole deserves a medal for standing up to that scumbag!

    • Have you SEEN joe francis exploit women? Have you BEEN THERE when he was raping them? Did you WITNESS the beating? Do you HAVE THE TAPE of him hitting whats-her-face?
      Honey, you turned around and did the same thing you were just shaming. In the post that took up the most space, no less.

      I can say with confidence that all parties invloved are idiots. THAT much I have SEEN.

  • Let’s waterboard them all, just for shits and giggles.

    Then tell them we don’t care who’s telling the truth.

  • I think the part about her injuries making her miss her bf’s birthday was complete bs.

    The same day I got in a car accident I went and saw my bf. And when I had the flu he came and saw me.

    If you love someone then your gonna want to be with them. She’s just looking to host a pity-party.