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Why Do Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen Suddenly Look Very Different?


Okay, so I know that they’re not technically identical twins, and everyone says they’ve always been able to tell them apart, but I swear up until today they always looked basically the same to me. You usually knew which one MK was because she looked just a tad more smirky than Ashley (but, really, don’t they both always look smirky?), but in this new set of pictures Mary-Kate (on the left) suddenly looks like a totally different person. Almost to the point where I’m wondering if there was some work done … thoughts?

Pics are from a press event they did to promote a line they’re designing for Elizabeth & James.

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    • they’re not /missing/, really, just bleached.
      which makes her forehead look WAY bigger than ashley’s
      (though it actually looks like it also might just be bigger)

      mary kate’s chin looks a little more square, as well. and her nose, maybe, but it looks essentially the same as ashley’s when examined, so maybe it’s just the angle.

  • it’s pretty evident to me that this is because MK’s eyebrows have been lightened… a little too much in my opinion. Ashley looks so pretty!

      • lips look thinner, chin is different and nose is different shaped and smaller. yes yes yes she def got work done. they always looked identical except ashley looked idk what the word would be.. preppier? she always seemed slightly taller and more put together, but still with the same face as MK. i always thought MK was wayyy prettier than ashley, but looking at these pics? there has definetely been a knife to that face.

        billions of dollars and always feeling like no one can tell you apart from your sister… what would you do?

    • I definitely agree that her eyebrows have been lightened, but doesn’t it also seem like something is new about her cheeks and pout too?

  • Um, Ashley always looks clean and pretty, while Mary Kate always kinda has meth face. Sorry, but true.

  • Yeah well M.K. looks like a 45 year old woman who’s banging the pool boy and ashley actually looks how she’s supposed to. It’s probably all the anorexia/drugging.

  • MK’s missing brows make it hard to accurately judge, but her nose looks weird… I don’t know if it’s an unflattering angle or what, but at first glimpse, I’d say that she’s aiming for a Jackson nose. But why would she want to fuck with that twin thing she’s got going on? It’s their gimmick, the thing upon which their career rests, if they no longer look similar, they’re toast (not that they’re that great to begin with)

  • looks like some very excellent rhinoplasty! a straighter, broader bridge on the nose and less overhang at the tip. she also seems to be wearing slightly less of the droopy-eyed troll eye makeup, which is a plus. her squared chin softens and balances her face, as does the side-parted hair. kudos on all that.

    that center part isn’t doing her twin any favors.

  • MK’s face looks swollen, or fatter maybe. Her chin maybe? But she should def darken the eyebrows at least they look kinda creepy as is

  • Oddly enough, I think the difference is Mary Kate had finally decided to eat. Gain the much needed weight and her face has filled out.

    (I do agree that it looks like she bleached her eyebrows.)

    But technically, I think they look like sh*t. Ratty hair… bad dye jobs… I realize they were desperate to be edgy and cool…. but dang get a haircut and blow out.

    But I am really tired of both of them looking ratty. I miss them as being cute with their sunny California girl look. I bet their checking account is missing it too.

  • Allow me to show my age by saying I used to be obsessed with these two and have been able to tell them apart since they were 11 or so. The most obvious difference: Ashley has a longer, leaner face with fuller lips. MK has a rounder face and thin lips.

  • More surgery, how long before they don’t have noses either? They really need to stop, they aren’t even 25 yet.

  • I think MK had her lips done awhile back- you used to be able to tell that MK had thinner lips, and suddenly, that was gone. Also, MK has definitely gained weight recently- and it looks great!

    • yes! i used to be able to tell mk and ashley apart (should i be embarassed? i probably should…) because ashley had fuller lips too until mk suddenly had ashley-lips, too…

      • Fraternal/Identical actually has nothing to do with looks. Identical twins can look different as they get older, depending on many factors. Identical twins are the result of one fertilized egg splitting into two, giving them the exact DNA. Fraternal twins, such as Mary-Kate & Ashley, are two separate eggs that were fertilized. NOTE: Fraternal twins can be the same gender or opposite, while identical twins are always the same gender.

  • Haha, i just came on to post “Her eyebrows seem to have disappeared” but apparently a few people already beat me to that.
    Not the most flattering look, I must say. Poor Mary Kate, she is increasingly becoming the “ugly twin”. . .

    • They are not identical twins. I explained the difference in another reply. Throwing all of the science out, I really don’t think they ever looked “identical” anyway. I can always tell them apart. They look similar, but very different. Even when they were younger, it was usually pretty easy to tell them apart.

  • I completely agree – I found this blog posting b/c I just saw them do an interview on ET and figured she’d gotten plastic surgery. After studying the photos you posted I just can’t figure it out… it looks like something different has happened with her jaw/cheekbones, and the really light eyebrows aren’t helping things b/c they make her forehead look huge. They’ve always looked slightly different but this is weird.

  • Oh. My. God.

    I thought the bleached eyebrows girl was a random blond. Not her sister!
    for sure she has done something. There are clearer pictures at gettyimages for anyone curious.

    It’s scary, their so young and already they are beginning to resemble meg Ryan.

  • Definitely had something done to raise her hairline like that. Look at the difference in size between their foreheads – they never used to be that different and it’s definitely not just the brows. Either botox or some kind of lift, I reckon.

  • It’s clear as day – Mary-Kate died her eyebrows so light that they are barely visible.

    It changes the perceived shape of your face dramatically when your eyebrows are barely there.

    Just look at what it did to Charlize Theron in the movie “Monster” when she had no eyebrows. Barely recognizable.

  • This look upsets me, I used to want to be mary kate, i thought she was so pretty. I don’t care about the weight, she looks good that she’s eating now, but who can’t tell she had work done?? I don’t like it, it makes her look worse. The eyebrows, the chin… it’s not her!! Come back MK!!!

  • I have the exact same forehead as them. Their forehead goes in backwards on a slant. They both had short foreheads that tilted back slightly. It seems like she rounded off her forehead of filled it in. I would assume she bleached her brows to take the attention of the work she did on her forehead. Maybe forehead implants? Like they do in Korea.

  • theyve always had different noses, so non of them have had plastic surgery. and just to make this clear, mary-kate isnt anorexic anymore and (not in a mean way) but shes a bit bigger then ashley now, so yes, she is eating enough.

  • I noticed her cheek bones before anything. They look like they’re sinking in. Both of them have been beautiful for quite some time, so if Mary-Kate had some work done, it’s a shame. She was a natural beauty & she may have ruined it. :(

  • i always thought Mary kate was cooler, I like her styler, and thought she was prettier. This picture is confusing though, I wasn’t sure which one was her. The bleached hair does not do her justice.