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Lookin’ Good, Kate!

Kate Gosselin was on Larry King tonight looking gorgeous (not exactly well-rested, but calm and beautiful) and basically doing exactly what she’s been doing for months now — looking like the way better parent. However, she doesn’t straight-up come out and diss Jon — she says he’s a good father, but they differ on the actions he’s taking right now. Very nice, Miz Gosselin.

Also — say what you will about Larry King, the man’s a brilliant interviewer.

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  • I think she handled herself extremely well. She kept her answers short and to the point. She didnt say anything we all dont think. I just hope no matter what, they both continue to have their childrens best interest at heart and that they dont lose focus of that.

    • Too late – the best interest for the children went out the door when the money started pouring in, and the exploitation began.

      Kate is a good speaker on interviews, but from the episodes of J&K that I watched, she constantly used her mouth to berate her husband. No wonder he left. Any sane person would. I do feel bad that they are going to go through their divorce. It’s sickening that Jon can’t seem to keep his mouth shut and hooks up with questionable women. It is sad that she is lonely, but we all make our own beds.

      At least the kids have each other. I think that is their saving grace.

  • He was so incompetent and she had to watch him like one of the kids, while I don’t agree with verbally bashing someone day to day for 8 years I think she just got so tired of him phoning it all in.

    She’s looking like gold because she’s been low key, and spending more than a couple of days here and there with the kids, she’s doing the lion’s share of the work, and believe me I think this whole thing was a scam from the very beginning to make money, which she did – at the taxpayers expense, but she’s the more mature and stable parent, a blind man could see that. He’s not going to have a golf club to stand on when the courts start dividing the money and assets, I hope his 22 year old is enjoying that Porsche he bought her – it’s going to cost him 100 times that in court. Sucker!

  • Is this REALLY the best “news” CNN could come up with?!

    Seriously? I hardly think its vital news that everyone needs to be talking about right now.

  • I don’t care how/when/where Kate is — no amount of her trying to justify herself now is going to erase the episodes of her being a nasty, manipulative bitch. She paint her face, and frost her hair until hell freezes over. Any person with one ounce of sense can should be able to see the double talk — “Now I try to be calmer, now I try to let things go, blah blah blah…” Go tell it to space aliens Kate, we know what you are…a money grubbing baby pimping cold shrill ho-bag. I laugh and laugh Jon does something stupid because no matter what it pokes at you deep down inside because you can’t control him now. I hope he poops on your face on day. And that’s about all I want to say about that…

  • I loved how she shot daggers at Larry King when he asked her how she felt about Jon dating. Finally something about Jon that she can’t micro- manage and control. Serves her right. (I’m neither Team Kate nor Team Jon, BTW. They’re both a couple of asshats.)
    Pull the plug, TLC, pull the plug. You’ve still got that horrible Toddlers and Tiaras crap to fulfill your child exploitation quota for 2009.
    TLC used to be a fairly decent channel. Now it’s a giant freak show.

  • Team Kate FTW> Kate was trying so hard to find a reason to explain why she was doing the show other than the money. Memories, positive experience my ass, its all about the cash. However, she was honest that she is a control freak and that she is lonely, plus she didnt bad mouth jon. So brownie points. She is going to guest host on the view, so hopefully she will find a career out of something like that and end the show.

  • Not a fan and don’t and haven’t watched the show, but Kate is beautiful, healthy looking, poised and dresses nicely.