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Things that Make You Feel Old: Frances Bean Cobain

Francis Bean Cobain Strolls Through Noho

I can’t believe how old Frances Bean Cobian is. She had the audacity to turn 17 on August 18th, while in my mind, she should still be 5 years old with bobbed hair.

Kids these days. Before you know it, they’ve gone through puberty and are developing sex and/or drug addictions of their very own. (Not that Frances Bean has… yet. But come on.)

Frances (far right) hung out in Noho yesterday with her entourage. Can you identify any of the others? The guy in the leather jacket in particular reeks of pseudo celebrity, so I figure someone might know who he is, and will criticize me mercilessly for not being able to identify him.

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  • Hey now, I think Ms. Bean deserves a little more credit than that.

    I read an interview with her when she was 13 or 15, and the article commented on how poised she was, despite all that comes with being the child of Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love.

    I adore the girl. She’s probably one of the tames celebrity kids, is rarely photographed in public, and doesn’t have a record.

    She turned out a damn sight better than Kim Stewart, the Ozzy kids, Redmond O’Neal, and Rumer Willis (pot bust, anyone?)

      • Kim Stewart has absolutely nothing to offer the world except for bad haircuts and VD.

        The only thing she’s known for is being the kid of Rod Stewart. She’s just another spoiled celebubrat who’s always going to be riding the coattails of everyone else.

      • Oh, since you said damn SIGHT I thought you were referring to their looks, so I showed a pic of Kim looking quite sexy.

    • She is a pretty girl, although she doesn’t share my taste in clothes. It also looks likes he is in the midst of a nose bleed in that first pic. All the while, pretty girl.

  • Bob Dylan?

    That outfit she’s wearing…makes my eyes sore. I’ve never understood people who wore pantyhose/tights with shorts It covers unsightly legs I suppose.

  • Maybe he looks a little like Chase Crawford..except with a bigger lower jaw so a cross between Chase and Ed Westwick.

  • That guy in the middle reminds me of Mick Jagger.

    Francis seems like a pretty good kid, especially when you consider the hot mess that is her mom. It can’t be easy having to cook breakfast for your mom after you had to stay up all night holding her hair while she pukes into a toilet crying about how no one will love her.

    I don’t know if that happened, but I can’t imagine it NOT happening.

      • a drug addict struggling with depression who committed suicide at the height of his life and career? yea, i’d say that’s a fuck up.

      • Yes, I know who Cobain was. He was a drug addict who created music that my generation loved so much that most became out of work losers. Ya, that sums it up.

  • She looks just like her Ugly Mother Courtney Love, and her clothes are hideous, she not only looks like her mother but dresses like her as well.
    I don’t recognize any of the trolls next to her accept for the guy with unshaven mug, I have seen him somewhere.

  • well shit goddamn!! frances bean turned out to be an outrageously beautiful young woman. like…STUNNING. what’s considered “fashionable” comes & goes, but that face is gorgeous. she’s the real deal.

  • Frances turned out to be a remarkably stable, smart, well adjusted kid. It’s amazing to me that Courtney didn’t accidentally kill her when she was a baby, because she went through so many years of being bat shit crazy. I guess we know who the adult in that relationship is. I feel awful for her that her mother has taken the entire Cobain/Nirvana estate and lost all but a few million, I doubt when Frances turns 18 there will be much left for her. Dave Grosh hates Courtney but I heard that he has put some money aside for Frances in case she is left with nothing – he loved Kurt that much and wants Frances to have a decent life.

  • I think our children are a reflection of who we are as parents, and I believe in spite of of Courtneys many problems (drugs, general craziness) Frances is loved deeply. She seems confident . She has been surrounded her whole life by some of the most creative people on earth.
    And dont let the crazy rants fool you, Courtney Love is brilliant in spite of herself. Think of all the kids raised in hippie communes or in the Haight in the 60’s surrounded by parent who when they werent tripping on acid and dancing naked managed to raise a whole bunch of well adjusted kids like myself..Go figure. Sometimes love is all you need

  • It is frances bean – the others are just her friends – they aren’t ‘famous’ or ‘celebrity’ children. She looks different to the other picture because of hair dye, make up and just growing up a bit more. The other girl is definitely not a Geldof. Just because her parents had issues doesn’t mean she will and what she’s had to go through is pretty fucking huge no matter who she is and to ridcule her for that is lame. I’ve seen some of the shit things that have been said about her or to her because of her parents and it’s like she’s only 17 and what her parents do is not her fault.

  • What’s up with her lips? They aren’t even that large (especially the upper) in other pictures. She’s always had her dad’s small bow lips, now they are gynormous! Please don’t tell me she has had some type of collagen!

  • If that is her, she’s had a nose and lip job. Sad. She has wiped her father off her face and looks unrecognizable.

  • Yes she did. Nose, chin, boob, lip job. + 10 tattoos. You can see in the pics of her at the airport going to europe from late 2010. I think she’s really pretty.

  • I think Frances had her surgeries to erase her parents. Her famous quote, “I am not my parents,” justifies that.