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Note To Richard Hatch: Hetero Tax Evaders Get Jail Time Too!


Richard Hatch, the million-dollar winner of the first season of Survivor, granted his first post-slammer interview to Today.  He’s still on home confinement and has decided to whip out the gay card.


“I know without question that there are personal issues involved for the prosecutor. I don’t know why. The prosecutorial misconduct has been egregious,” he said.

When asked whether he believes that if he was heterosexual, he would not have gone to prison, Hatch replied, “I do believe that.”

In court papers filed earlier this year, Hatch complained of widespread prejudice in the justice system against gay people.

Needless to say, the US prosecutor has called Hatch’s claims “delusional”.  I agree.  Richard Hatch was sentenced to four years in jail because he purposely evaded paying taxes and because he lied on the stand — he got extra time for the perjury — not because of what he does with his dick.  Even Martha Stewart had to serve time for saving herself a few hundred bucks on a stock sale — and guess what, Richard?  Not gay.

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  • To this day I still can not believe Martha Stewart was that stupid.

    And as a felon… she can never have total control in her own company, since it is a publicly traded on the stock market.

    Which you know just kills her that she has to answer to others. Instead of screaming at them like she used to….

    • Uh, the corporation is named Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia and Martha Stewart IS the brand. She the majority shareholder and her shares control a commanding percentage of the company’s voting rights.

      Martha Stewart may have taken a dip from her days as a billionaire on paper, and she may not run day-to-day operations of MSO or any public company (for at least 5 years, per her 2006 SEC settlement), but the term “answer to others” is not part of her job description. She has several hundred reasons why she may be okay with her lot in life.

  • I watched his interview on the Today show. He seems so calm and convincing as he claims discrimination because he’s gay, but then you realize he has no clue that what he did was ILLEGAL.

    He not only didn’t declare his Survivor winnings, he also neglected to declare other income from appearances, and then lied about it under oath. And he’s amazed that he had to go to jail. I don’t know if he’s delusional (his sister also said he got a bum deal, so maybe it runs in the family) or just incredibly stupid.

    The best part is that he got arrested shortly after he gave that interview, even though The Today Show got permission from the federal government for him to speak. That kind of got me wondering if maybe he’s not so crazy after all.

  • Quite frankly, I think the prosecuter is an asshole who I’m sure has a few skeletons in his own closet.

    What I don’t get is why corporations can lie and lie through their teeth and get away with it, and then a regular Joe does the same thing but he is demonized.