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Look Who’s Having A Baby


According to a report coming out of Montreal, after extensive fertility treatments — isn’t modern medicine incredible?  She’s 41, her husband is 67 and a cancer survivor — Celine Dion is expecting her second child with husband Rene Angelil.  

The couple has one son Rene Charles, 8.  I wonder how he’ll feel about getting a sibling — he has three half-siblings from his dad’s previous marriages, but they are middle-aged adults — after almost nine years of being essentially an only child?

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  • She’s a really nice lady.. I wish her all the happiness she deserves. Cut your son’s hair tho!!!

  • It is creepy how her husband who was about 40 at the time, met a 9 yr old girl, and decided he was going to marry her, then groomed her to be his wife from that point on.
    A guy that was a friend of the family as well.
    Sick, just sick.

  • I can’t get over that she’s 41 and still wearing body glitter. She and Mariah Carey must be tight.

  • “…. and I know that my heart .. I mean my DNA will go ooooooon” lol

    Science really is amazing though.

  • here are so many kids in this world without families, why didn’t they consider adoption?

    Do these poeple not consider the fact that when this child is born, the father will be 68? When this kid’s 18, Renee will be in his mid 80’s?! That’s horrible and sad.

    I don’t know, this just seems incredibly selfish to me.

    • My thoughts exactly. (I said the same thing about Halle Berry last week).

      As for the age gap…. My only brother is 9 years younger than I am and when he was first born it was ultra hard on me. Though I wouldn’t necessarily suggest spacing your kids this far on purpose, I cannot imagine my adult life without him.

      • same thoughts here, she’s obviously past child-bearing age, he’s old, what the hell are they doing? so incredibly selfish. why does she have to have one pop out of her uterus when she already did that once and there are so many children out there in need of loving parents ? whatever… they can do whatever they want.

  • Ick. They have always been excessive and creepy. He’s a pedophile and she’s crazy. Poor kid(s).