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Michael Jackson’s Death: The Best Thing That’s Ever Happened To His Family Members’ Careers


I’m feeling nostalgic so I figured that a 25-year-old picture of Michael and LaToya, taken back in the day when he was black and she had original cartilage, was appropriate.  With the exception of singing backup on “Pretty Young Thing”, LaToya’s success has been largely overshadowed by Michael and Janet.  As much as I hate to say it, MJ’s death has been a huge career boost to some of the less-famous Jacksons. 

Sure, we all know LaToya really came into her own as lead endorser for the Psychic Friends Hotline, but now she’s in serious talks to be a contestant on Dancing With The Stars.  That’s, like, a major network hit show!  I feel confident that, previous to this newest development, LaToya’s dealings with producers have been limited to those in the “infomercials that air when the world is asleep” industry.  Nothing about LaToya says “primetime”, yet everything about LaToya says “Magic Bullet”.

I ask you:  Would these negotiations be taking place if Michael was still alive and popping pills whilst wasting away in his Craftmatic adjustable bed?

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  • As sad as it is to think, I agree. I don’t think these things would be happening if he were still alive.

  • The look in his eyes in this picture says, “I just know this bitch will sell out my memory in a heartbeat.”
    Maybe the reason he was always so depressed is that he could see the future…

  • “…back in the day when he was black and she had original cartilage, was appropriate”.


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  • people should stop fucking criticizing and making accusations about a dead man…hes DEAD. get the fuck over it..and have some respect. if anyone has anything to say about a person who died just months ago, then that makes you a shit human being

    • If I didn’t respect you in life, I won’t respect you in death.
      Everybody dies. It doesn’t make you special or worthy of respect that you didn’t earn in life.