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Miley Cyrus Pole-Dances at the Teen Choice Awards

First off, let me say this: Miley Cyrus was not pole-dancing at the Teen Choice Awards last night (the actual show airs tonight). But unless Fox opts to cut away for the part around 1:08 in the above video, that’s all anyone’s going to be talking about tomorrow. Let me tell you what I assume happened: Miley was supposed to ride around the stage in that stupid pushcart and maybe do a few dance moves. The pole was on the pushcart so she didn’t fall off. Miley got on the pushcart, grabbed the pole, and immediately started to grind on it, almost like a reflex. Then she heard the audience’s reaction and she was like, “Oh, shit, I shouldn’t be grinding on a pole at the Teen Choice Awards. I should save that shit for Nick. Or Justin. Or whoever I’m sleeping with right now. I forget. Bradley Cooper’s pretty hot. Wait? Where am I?” and by the time that little reverie was over she was already off the pushcart.

Guarantee you that little move wasn’t in the original choreography.

Still. I ::heart:: this girl so much. Years and years of fun, she’s gonna be.

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  • Um, this is the “Teen Choice Awards” and that is how she decided to dress and dance? She is such an over-rated slut and now I’m mad at myself for even reading this post and responding. What a role model she is?!

  • Sorry, she wasn’t “grinding on it”, she squatted down to sing to the guy standing there. Maybe it was a poor way to do it, but I don’t think she had any intentions of pole dancing.

  • I disagree, i think she has all the intention in the world to get the sexual attention, she is a fucking idiot, and a whore. Period.
    It is the teen choice awards, for fuck sakes.. And to think her equally stupid dad let her do this kind of shit… Its so sick.

  • eh, its not as bad as i thought it would be. while her outfit did show quite a bit of skin, i actually thought it was pretty cute

  • Personally I think it shows great initiative on her part to have a fall back career, as hers will be over in less than a year and a half when Disney cuts her loose. She should have Vanessa Huggins over and show her some moves so she can get bigger tips when her “dancing” career begins.

    Wasn’t the little Cyrus girl with the boys name doing some pole dancing too? Makes ya wonder what’s going on in that house, doesn’t it?

  • It was not quite a pole dance, but it was close.

    Not sure if you’ve seen it Sasha, but there is video of Miley’s younger sister (Noah) and some friends pole dancing in some sort of club at a pre-TCA event. She is wearing some little tutu like shirt and generally looks WAY trashy for a kid who is like 10 years old or something.

    Terrible. I watched the TCA tonight ( I am one of those Twi-heads) and was disgusted by Miley. She dresses like a slut and gyrates around the stage then thanks “her father God” being able to be there. Does not add up to me.

  • Miley Cyrus performed at the Teen Choice Awards last night and, yes, you’re looking at a Jesus-loving 16-year-old girl working the stripper pole in front of a middle school audience. It honestly doesn’t get more biblical than at. Also, nice euphemism for underage vagina: “Miley’s Ice Cream.” That’s not creepy at all.

  • More of a case of bad choice in props if you ask me.

    What really fucks me off about this post is that on one hand EB you are often saying (especially on Zelda Lily) how girls are growing up too fast and are oversexed and whatever.

    Then on the other hand you are accusing Miley Cyrus of being a slut who’s first inclination when she saw the pole was to dance like a stripper.

    Regardless of her actual sex life, Miley is portrayed to kids as a that wholesome virginal teen who is also strong and independent. Her image sends out the message that hey you don’t need to have a boyfriend and be having sex to be successful and happy and have fun. It’s a good message (for kids as well as adults) and as much as that image can sometimes be a bit see through, I applaud Disney for trying.

    I would much rather my kids listen and look up to the Miley Cyrus’s of the world than to the Ciara’s.

    Your attitude on these matters does not help the cause you are apparently so passionate about.

    • Um, did you watch the actual show? Her little “dance” and outfit were disgusting. In my opinion Miley Cyrus is worse than Ciara because Miley is a Disney girl, a “role model” and always proclaims how much she loves Jesus. I’m not a Ciara fan, but at least after she grinds on stage she doesn’t end it with “And I’d like to thank my Father above.” What was even more shocking was the fact that Miley’s OWN PARENTS stood up and applauded their wannabe Pussycat Doll after she did her little number. Miss Cyrus’ ass was practically hanging out of her booty shorts and her bra was barely covered by her shirt/rag. Parents should not be okay with their daughters looking up to this trash.

      • Yes I watched the whole thing. I didn’t see any major problem with it. Like I said, its more a case of a bad stage prop than anything else. If that cart didn’t have a pole in the middle of it then this post wouldn’t have even happened. Yes her shorts are quite short. But in my opinion it’s not in a slutty way.

        Now don’t confuse me with some crazy Miley fan who’ll defend her to the bitter end. I am far from it. I just don’t understand the need for people (especially Evil Beet) to put shit on kids like Miley who are trying to be positive role models. Good on her and the rest of the Disney/Nickelodeon crew for trying to send out positive messages.

        You’d prefer your kids to be singing along to “love, sex, magic” than “The Climb”?? You’d prefer them to watch that Ciara film clip than a Miley one? Are you insane?

      • How was her outfit not slutty? If you are comparing her with a naked person, than yes, she was covered up.

        The fact that you even think that Miley is a positive role model is laughable. How the hell does she send out a positive message?

        Wow, I never said I’d prefer my kids to listen to Ciara. You may want to re-read my post. Anyway, the difference between Ciara/Paris Hilton/Lindsay Lohan and Miley

      • my post got cut off?

        anyway, my point is miley appeals to children, where as the other ladies don’t. who cares what they do? i mean, ya they’re whores but 8 year old girls aren’t trying to emulate their behavior!

      • is that the latter APPEALS TO CHILDREN. That’s my problem. If Miley was 25 and then had a sex tape I wouldn’t care. The fact is she’s 16, has 8 year old little girl fans and therfore should not be prancing around half naked, on a stage with a pole.

    • You can’t compare Miley Cyrus with Ciara because Ciara is a grown 23-24 year old woman. Miley Cyrus is just 16 years old. And it does not matter what image is portrayed to young girls, there is nothing “virginal” about her performance or outfit.

      • Seriously did I watch the same video as you guys? There was nothing bad about that performance, and believe me I’m like pretty harsh when it comes to slut behaviour (speaking of which have any of you seen the video for Shakira’s “She Wolf” it is horrendous).

        I think you can compare Miley with Ciara as they are both pop stars whose music appeals to todays youth. Though I do understand what you are saying. However just because Ciara is older doesn’t mean its ok for her to act like a whore.

        I think a lot of people have a crazy bias towards Miley Cyrus. Like just because she says she is a virgin she should dress in knee length dresses, tie her hair back in a nice pony tail and carry her bible with her everywhere. Please guys what year are you living in??

      • I’m not saying its ok for Ciara to act like a whore. But still, she is a grown woman, not a sixteen year old, Miley Cyrus is barely an adult! I don’t expect virgins to walk around looking like nuns, but there is a limit if you are perfoming for a young audience.

      • Brittany and Anonymous I agree with you both completely. Especially with you Brittany when you say that CazMinx doesn’t get it. You both made a noble effort but forget it. Talking to Caz is like talking to a fucking rock.

      • Sorry Brittany you are right I misinterpreted your comment. You didn’t actually say you’d prefer your kids to listen to Ciara it was just the vibe I got. I am sorry.

        I do get what you guys are saying. I completely understand. I just don’t agree. Look you guys have your opinion and I have mine. Clearly we have different views on what is and isn’t acceptable 16 year old behaviour. I don’t think we are going to convince each other to think differently. So lets just leave it at that.

        Honestly though… if her outfit is considered slutty then 99% of the Australian population in Summer is a filthy whore because thats how we dress 70% of the year! Maybe thats why I don’t see the issue! :)

  • I like Miley. Truly I do. She is adorable and a decent enough entertainer. I think we can all agree we have seen a hell of a lot worse from girls in her age bracket. I grew up having to listen to Marie Osmond singing fucking “Paper Roses”. Do you see my point? Acting overly “decent” can be just as bad as overly “indecent”. But in spite of all that I believe this short sighted “Act well beyond your years, act and dress like a whore” routine isn’t going to serve her well in the future. I think she is being encouraged to do this shit by people who give more of a fuck about themselves than her. I can see why Beet is gleeful about Miley. We all know this girl is going to be so fucked up when she gets out on her own Lindsey Lohan is going to look like Mother Teresa compared to this train wreck in the making.

    • Just curious. Who else in Miley’s age bracket is worse than her? Selena Gomez? Demi Lovato? That chick from iCarly? Haha, please. Miley Cyrus IS the trashiest 16 year old in Hollywood.

  • I just saw the edited performance on FOX right now, and they close up on her face during the bending-down part. If I didn’t know what she did from a farther view, I really would not have easily noticed it.

  • I fucking love her.
    Anyway, this wasn’t bad (besides the singing but what’s new), in fact it was perfect: just skanky enough to titillate, but not enough to REALLY raise eyebrows. She knows how to work people’s attention.

  • She wasn’t pole dancing! Did you see her back up dancers? What was the difference between her and them? Nothing. The whole thing was equally skanky.

  • oh god, how many more teen choice, teen slut promoters – er.. i mean singers, are we going to have to endure? It is all trash and my only fantasy would be that we wouldn’t be giving these girls all this attention, money, and incentive to be skanky!

  • I completley agree with Minx. She squatted down once, and was barely close to the pole, I hardly call that pole dancing. And I love how everyone calls her a huge slut! 1. How old are you guys? like 25 and older? You are calling a sixteen year old a slut what is wrong with you? media starlet or not you guys have serious personal issues 2. Where are her naked pictures , sextapes,etc. ? Last time I checked Miley Cyrus was a good person with a good heart talking about her love for the lord; If thats not a positive role model, then I don’t know what is.