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Ashley Greene’s Naked Photos Hit the Internet

Update: Photos removed upon request via angry letter from lawyers.


Welcome to full-blown famous, Ashley Greene! Nude pictures of the Twilight starlet hit the ‘net this morning, at around the same time as photos of her making out with Chace Crawford in a limo hit the web. Everything’s coming up Ashley Greene today! We may have a full-blown A-lister on our hands soon if she keeps up at this pace. I mean, it sure helps to have an international blockbuster under your belt, but nothing says “uber-famous” like having what’s under your belt go international.

Regarding Chace, a friend of the twosome says:

“Ashley and Chace have known each other for a while. They used to hook up actually back when he lived in L.A. It was never anything too serious. It was before either of them were famous. They stayed good friends.”

There’s been no comment from Ashley’s camp on the naked photos.

The uncensored stuff’s after the jump. Enjoy.

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  • Saw Twilight, was I supposed to notice her? Right one is a little bigger, IMHO. Is she supposed to be hot? Don’t see that either… Yawn.

  • She has the figure of a 12 year old boy, and some wonky boobs. Why don’t these people EAT? She has no meat, no hips. Trage.

  • I have no idea who this bitch is but she has a rockin bod. And she learned a valuable lesson from vanessa hudgens in remembering to um, clean up your down town bonanza before taking naked pic. Too bad she learn ho to not release the to the internet.

  • “I mean, it sure helps to have an international blockbuster under your belt, but nothing says “uber-famous” like having what’s under your belt go international.”

    You can always rely on Beet for a classic sentence like this!

  • Ugh, I actually googled what she was famous for.
    I should have guessed, she seems to have that ‘I’m always half stoned’ look on her face along with the rest of the cast.

    • I saw these pics posted earlier today, she is quite a nice looking gal. I would think she would like the attention and also please note the site below contains a bunch of celeb stuff so you may need to scroll down half way.

  • Sigh. I remember the days when you could do this kind of shit and nobody had a camera phone to take pictures of it. Good times.

  • Ugh while their still developing but there supposed to even out by 20 um she is 22 and shit out of luck wit her tittays

  • You’d think she would have learned her lesson! Maybe she just likes the publicity …

    We haven’t heard much from or about Vanessa Hudgens in recent months, but that’s going to change, as a new set of nude photos has hit the web. These pictures look much more recent than the original set. I can’t say for sure that they were taken after her first set of naked photos leaked, but the extensions, makeup, etc, definitely looks more recent. You like this, doncha, V?

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    • Hey bitch………piss off. Who the fuck invited you?
      “US Official Tabloid Gossip”? Are you fucking kidding me?
      Is that like the Dallas Cowboys calling themselves “America’s Team”?
      You don’t even look American anyways. You do look like perhaps your the unintended result of of a drunk American soldier fucking a Vietnamese whore several years back. Just a hunch. Piss off………….go harvest some fucking rice!

  • I honestly don’t see what the big deal is about nude photos. Honestly, even fat people take pictures. I see it as a way for her to up her status in the celebrity world. As shallow as it sounds, it still works. Any kind of Publicity is Good Publicity.

  • Wow, that looks like a photo of me making out with “Donkey Punch’s” sister. That is why, if you look closely you will see two penis’s. I must confess hers is bigger.

  • She was a teenager when she took these and it was well before twilight. So of course her body looks different people! She has gained weight and filled out as well as works out now so again she naturally looks a bit different! I just don’t understand why people feel the need to call her nasty names and make fun of her, etc etc. It’s like everyone climbs on a mass hysteria hate bandwagon! She made a mistake, she knows it, move on people! The haters are probably the same people who show up at crazy right wing republican rallies screaming and carrying guns and going on about the president not being american. She’s a sweet girl(I have worked a number of Twilight cons and met a number of the stars and they are all super nice)So lay off! Use your damned brains and form an opinion that isn’t come to just because you are following the herd!